Tuesday, 23 June 2009

So I'm An Old Troll Am I?

just a shot of me getting my make-up done, via
Following on from my previous post, someone kindly told me I was an old troll. Of course they're hiding behind the old anonymous shield. But I think they had a typo - I think they meant doll.

My previous post wasn't a - woe is me, I'm almost 30, it was a - hey look at the way society is evolving. It was about the fact that I have 26 year old friends doing 'preventative' Botox in the hope it will make them look younger. It was a - hey - I've heard if from beauty editor's mouths - girls are getting younger and younger, and are looking for ways to stop time itself.

It was about the fact that I have a daughter (and heck, while I'm at it, my son's vulnerable too) and I don't want them to feel like they need to meet any aesthetic standard except their own.

In essence, it makes me shudder to think about the length some people go to preserve their looks.

Where and when did things change? I can blame a whole lot of things. But then really, we all have to point our fingers at ourselves in some ways. Media deliver things you and I 'want'. Magazine sales go up when they show pictures featuring models and superstars sans make-up. The catwalks show impossibly thin beauties pony-stepping. Madonna is a work in herself. Oh and here comes another 14 year old front cover beauty - I can't ever live up to those standards. Not to mention the photoshopping. Oh and did I mention - Botox has become an adjective?

There is no magic potion that stops wrinkles from appearing. But by looking after yourself, you can look your best. And by reading, eating well, exercising, laughing, living, you can live the best life you can. Nurture yourself. Love yourself. So I think that's what I was talking about... So Anonymous, thanks for giving me the opportunity to expand on my previous post.


Georgie Love said...

Oh I hear you. Well your last post. And you certainly ain't no troll.

But I hear you, I am already terrified for the muppet and peer pressure / video hits / bullying / kids having sex / etc. I want so much better for her than I ever had. I want her to be beautiful and confident in herself, without the need to change or inject poisons into her face. :-(

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Touché and well said!

KerriSackville said...

I'm a little... well.. OLDER than you and it's FINE, honestly. If there's one thing I've learned since reaching... well... an OLDER age than yours, it's that beauty, and sexiness, and confidence comes from within, and NOT from poisonous chemicals.
Oh, and this fabulous eye gel, which I use religiously. And pore packs....

Pip Lincolne said...

I am 40 and I like it.
I do.
It's nice.
I know good stuff.
And I'm not quite an old bag yet.
Just a bit trolly.
Which is fine.

Sunshine said...

Huzzah! Thank you for addressing this issue both in this post and your last. And as for the anony-mouse...poo on them!

Kylie said...

Totally agree with you and both are good posts. It's so easy to fall into this trap - it's like everyone suddenly doing house extensions a few years ago, remember?!
I like being 42 and all those lines on my face are a part of me. It's funny, I feel like I've past the age where I have to worry about it. Anyway, enjoy your 30s - I'm sure you will ;) They really are fun years... and then 40s are freedom! K

Gem said...

I've just turned the big 4-OH and haven't had botox. I have other priorities atm then filling my face with poison. Just like you said, it's how well you look after yourself. I'm off to read the other post. All I have to say about "that comment" is...if your such an ugly troll there's hope for all of us yet!...LOL

Gem said...

P.S Lexi you can go to settings and change them so that comments can be approved before publishing (not sure if you knew that)no one needs ugly comments on their blog. Jealousy's a curse. Their probably cursed with looking like a troll...haha

puggerhugger said...

I admire your good humor! A pox on trolls! I am forty one and wearing my gray hair(s) with pride. With age comes wisdom, right? Also, if we get bored I found this link this morning about how to glitterify eyebrows. http://inventorspot.com/articles/tweezed_eyebrows_are_out_adorn_your_eyebrows_chic_jewels_instead_29304

Joy said...

Oh my goodness... if you're an old troll I wonder what that makes me, as I head towards my 50s LOL?? Each stage of your life brings new delights to embrace - ok yes and a few crinkles and grey hairs too, but so what lol???
Joy :o)

Alexis said...

Goodness, that kind of stuff makes me want to pack up my daughters and raise them on a desert island away from all media!

My Love is..... said...

well said...RIGHT ON.... annonymous -off!!

Christie said...

Great Posts Lexi

I really hope that I allow myself to age gracefully, especially as a mum.

I want to show my kids that I am happy in my own skin, imperfections & all. I'm all for looking after yourself, but I want my kids to know where to draw the line.

Christina Lowry said...

Some people are just so jealous of beauty and a sense of humour aren't they?! I suppose it could be worse, they could have said you look like Dame Edna or Gordon Ramsey or something right? I thought trolls had fluro pink hair that stood right up in the air?

My mum has grown old gracefully with no surgery or expensive creams. She is now in her 60's and she is beautiful. If I look like her at 60 I will be a very happy girl! :)

Bec @ honi design said...

I applaud your post Lexi!! I'm 29 and i see my fine lines and wrinkles as trophies for too many laughs and smiles.

Imagine how completely plasticy those young girls who get botox are going to look in 20 years time. We'e going to have an entire generation that looks like Jocelyn Wilderstein (or whaterver that cat lady's name is)

Lois said...

Hi Lexi.
You go girl!
A hex on the anonymous lurker person.May their chin hairs grow really fast, dark and long overnight! LOL!
I agree with everything you say, eat well, live right and it will show in the end....and I don't mean on your butt either...but if you keep on shaking that even it will keep in shape.
Have a great, and toll-free, week.

Rachel said...

What is with people? I can't believe someone would call you that. I could agree with everything you have said more wholeheartedly. I don't want to grow old thinking I need to slather myself in creams or have surgery. A few lines here or there is NORMAL. So long as they're not caused by smoking or excess sun exposure.

Monique said...

Great posts Lexi. Am looking forward to discovering how you celebrate this coming of age. Each year of my thirties I have grown just a little bit stronger and wiser and confident. I know things now and I wouldn't trade a wrinkle or a grey hair for anything.

Lilli boo said...

Ahhh, music to my ears reading your post. I am '41' and very happy with where I am at in terms of aging, acceptance etc... I do have a '26' year old sister and learnt through my mother that she had had botox much to my horror..WHY? I asked... it seems that even in the same family the generation gap of those 15 years between my sister and I is a real sign of the influences, trends and pressures to 'look' flawless and young...I could go on but "Thank you" for your provocative post..and you know Happy Birthday too!

Rach said...

A really good couple of posts Lexi. Well said.

I think, for what its worth, you look sensational (not in a stalker-ish way, please don't be scared).

I have wrinkles. I have stretch marks from two babies. I have grey under the blonde. And I will be 40 in not too many years. But I am alive and well and have a wonderful family and sweet friends. And that, when all is said and done, is all that matters.

Keep up your great posts - we love them, even if I can't keep up with you!

vintagefabricaddict said...

Well said! You know I think us mothers have to take way more responsibility that we do too. if we don't diet and primp and preen in front of our daughter/son then there is a chance they won't either. I don't and my daughter has no interest. The only negative thing she has ever said is about her tummy! You know why...because that's my biggest issue with myself and I regret that I ever made it a problem and exposed her to that. They are so so so influenced by us!!

Home Girl said...

am in shock, have always admired your youthful beauty despite being a mum of two. seriously you are a spunk this anon person is prob only keen on babrbie doll lookalikes. am often thinking about the ageing gracefully topic - i really admire women who look after themselves diet and lifestylewise , and radiate confidence & beauty with heads of silvery upswept hair and crinkles around happy eyes. but i also sometimes get down about aging - i look in the mirror and imagine i look older than i feel. the boxtox/10 yrs younger route can sometimes feel so seductive. its great to share your reslove and be supportive of each other - so much pressure out there xx