Thursday, 16 July 2009

Have You Seen Teddy Boombastic?

As a continuation of ugly July we've now lost the Doctor's very favourite bear - Teddy Boombastic. He was given to the Doctor by my Dad. Four years ago. He's well loved and goes everywhere, Christopher Robin stylie, a boy and his beloved bear.

I've looked everywhere, turned the house upside down, the car inside out, questioned the Doctor (who keeps pointing the finger at Tiny and saying she's hidden it from him).

I've called all the shops, I can't even remember if Teddy came with us, but I'm just calling anyway. Blindly. No joy.

I've called the makers - Tomfoolery - nope, no cigar. They discontinued 'Albert' a while ago (why, why teddy bear makers? Is it to prematurely age weary parents?).

Would you believe - above is the only shot I can find of my little Christopher Robin with his bear? What a bad mummy.

If anyone has seen Tomfoolery 'Albert' in a shop - I've already been told I have Buckley's of finding one, please let me know. I am desperate.

In a bid to end ugly July.


Christina Lowry said...

Poor Doctor and poor Teddy Boombastic. I had a look on ebay and there are two Tomfoolery bears, but neither is an Albert. I hope some one finds one for you. I will be keeping my eyes open. Best wishes for the rest of this month.


A said...

When my Moo lost her beloved 'foxy' I think I cried more than she did... I managed to get a couple of spares off ebay for an exorbitant rate which my husband nearly killed me for.... Now we've even lost the spares so 'foxy' is not allowed to leave the house - we have another 'going out' toy. There must be a black hole somewhere filled with loved and lost toys....
I'm so sorry for you x x x

Jessi said...

oh my i am so scared of this predicament happening at our house!!

zac has a blanket called "kiki" who he will not sleep without and who gives ridiculous amounts of comfort and security.

i have tired getting another kiki from the manufacturers but no luck either!

i have a feeling that teddy bombastic is somewhere close by tho!! he will rear his cheeky head sometime soon methings!!!


Kirsty said...

I really hope someone comes up with the goods. A boy without is best mate is no good at all.

Carrie G said...

lost bear. So sad. My little one lost his giraffe once, I got him a new one, but he never loved it as much, in fact, never loved it at all. I hope you find him. I'll keep an eye out in the USA in case he met a girl bear and took a flight!

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest story I have read today. I hope it has a happy ending very soon.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

i live in fear og Busy losing cow- I am so paranoid about it! i hope Albert shows up- poor you!

Michelle said...

My littl brother lost his Woody Woodpecker doll when he was about 6 years old. He was devastated. It breaks my heart to think of The Doctor missing his bear.

I'll call the local bear shop here and ask them - they might have old stock.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry - the Canberra shop hasn't seen an Albert in a "very long time". The fellow I spoke to sounded most upset.

teddybearswednesday said...

THis breaks my heart !!If you or someone could send me a pic of an Albert, I will try to make one like him.

Sharpest Pencil said...

You know that you can never replicate Teddy Boombastic cos it is not just his look that Doctor loves, but his smell and his feel and the familiarity of experiences shared. It is rather like twins - even though they look the same, their personalities are different (and yes, I am a firm believer in the personality of teddy bears).

I would suggest you buy a new and different bear that Doctor will love in a different way to the way he loved Teddy Boombastic.

Sometimes when we give up searching we actually find what we are looking for.

Good luck (I know this is all easier said than done) xx

Joy said...

All I can suggest is to keep an eye on ebay ... put in a saved search then if one does come on you'll know about it. Poor little man ... bless.
Joy :o)

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Oh no ... that is really awful. The poor Doctor losing his treasured teddy. I would be so sad if Bargy lost his special blue elephant or Argy lost his fluffy seal. Fingers crossed that Teddy Boombastic turns up in some obscure place or that you might be able to find his identical twin brother somewhere.

Stacey said...

Oh poor you and poor Dr.

Its so sad when they lose their beloved bear.

I don't know how many times we had to go back somewhere to retrieve a lost Ted or Peta (used to be Peter - gender reassignment!).

Teddy may still turn up in some bizarre place that you never thought he'd be.

I shall keep an eye out on my travels for an Albert.