Friday, 10 July 2009

Send Out A Salute

Thanks to those who gave me book recommendations for the Doctor. We got 'Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in Between' by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen. We'll visit the library over the weekend to find some more.

Today is a really difficult day. One of those days when you wake up and no matter what, you can't lull yourself back to sleep because you know what's to come.

Make sure you hold your smalls close, breathe them in, hold them, really, really hold them. Remember that. Take a mental snapshot. Write about it. Breathe them again. Tell them you love them. You can never tell them enough.

Good night sweet prince
And flights of angels, sing thee to thy rest!

- Hamlet, V, ii


Cindy said...

Sending lots of positive loving thougths your family's way today. I think the social stories that you have to write may be helpful too especially with Noah still being so young. Just a simple sentence and picture per page, quite matter of fact and lots of "that is ok if you feel sad" in regards to feelings. If there is anything I can do - which I know there isn't - please let me know

Leonie said...

The vibe from your post is not positive, I hope nothing has gone wrong, but the tone seems to indicate otherwise. Best Wishes for coping with whatever it is. Today is also not easy day for my husband and his family, remembering can be hard.

willywagtail said...

My heart grieves for you. I hope the day works out.

KerriSackville said...

People say that nothing takes away the pain of loss, but in fact it does ease with time. Unfortunately, though, it takes a lot of it.
Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

Collective strength can take on any challenge. Hold each other tighly, you'll find the strength you need.

Thinking of you.

Kirsty said...

Sending a huge, huge, huge lot of love your way PMM.

trasha said...

Holding you all in my thoughts

Nanette said...

Oh dear, I'm not sure what's happening. Sounds very sad indeed.
All my love,Nxx