Saturday, 15 August 2009

Baying for Blood

Last night my sister and I went into the city. We were buoyed by excitement of what's to come - the Young Blood Designers Market. And then we turned up and a bazillion people were standing outside the Powerhouse Museum and we made two more.

The security guard was turning people away because they had too many people inside - and they told all of us standing there that there was not a chance we were going to get in unless we'd pre-paid for our tickets. Ho-hum.

So my sister and I stood there for what kind of seemed like a long time. We ummed and ahhed. We could chance it and beg to get in, or make the most of having our husband's babysit, so we hit the high road and went off to Ariel. There's no mistaking it, we know how to party.
The long and the short of it, as soon as we got home we pre-purchased our tickets for today and rolled up today and rolled straight in. It was worth it, so many great young designers in one small space. But take my advice, if you want to go next time, buy your ticket in advance.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic program to suppoet our nation's young creatives.

Mel said...

really? You have to pre-pay for tickets now? Crikey. Actually I shouldn't be surprised by that. The last few years my sis (speaking of sisters), has had a spot there with her jewellry and it has always ended up being so stifling in that small space. The times I've been to people seem to almost be in a panic to get in and see everything. Sounds like it was way more chilled for you today :)

veri maz said...

to be honest you didn't really miss that much, i mean compared to Finders Keepers it was a little lack lustre.

It was perhaps 1/4 the number of stalls if that and some I'd seen before at rocks markets or Finders Keepers (and they're both free).

And combined with the narrow passages and crowd chokepoints i was a little disappointed.