Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Myrtle & Eunice Road To Enlightenment: In Just Ten Minutes

Our house is tidy. This in itself is no mean feat. It took me hours of dedication (not to mention boxes) but it's tidy. Regular visitors will not recognise it because now - well you can actually see we have a floor. We have a FLOOR CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

But then comes 'the creep'. I call it the creep because before you know it, mess has crept back in, and all my hours of sorting, swatting silverfish and tidying are down the drain, and in my book, that ain't cool.

So we've taken to day one of the Myrtle & Eunice Road To Enlightenment with great aplomb. Well I have, and everyone else has just been swept up into it. Anything to fight off the creep.

Straight after dinner, I set the alarm clock and we were off. However, given my slow starters (particularly the largest male in our roost) I added an extra five minutes to the tab (15 minute tidy up - high fives all 'round) - no one else need ever know of this, and he won't because he only ever visits my blog to look at the pictures.

For weeks I have been whinging saying, 'I didn't make all of this mess, so why should I have to clean it all up?' - and now I don't have to. The smalls are excited. There's a timer. There's excitement. And there's the dreaded red zone.

The red zone is like no-man's land. This is where things that are consistently left out are put into a box, and heading straight to charity. This incites fear. Excitement. Dread. And, at the risk of sounding like I work with Brand Power, it really works.

PottyMouthMama on the road to enlightenment courtesy of Myrtle & Eunice, and together - fighting the creep.
image stolen from Housekeepers for Homemakers. However I do love to wear a maid's outfit during my days at home. And carry a feather duster at all times.


Tania said...

By crikey! I hadn't even considered the maid's get up!

Sarah said...

Yay for Myrtle & Eunice! I too was taken with this method when I read it over at Myrtle & Eunice and have given it a go - with great success. even hubby had the 10 minute clean up happening before dinner last night. Quite a bit can get done with a 10, 9 and 3 year old!! And as I once heard a comedian say - there is no use doing housework unless you have an audience - love it!

teddybearswednesday said...

This is so cute!! I wanna play!

Cindy said...

I think that this is such a great idea but Glen is so freakin' anal that he has to have everything put away as soon as he walks in the door from work. Drives me NUTSO!!

Alexis said...

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

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