Saturday, 26 September 2009

Possibly The Best Invention Ever

This week, not only was I hemmed in by the red dust storm that landed upon Sydney, I thought we'd 'get out' by going fruit and veg shopping. Strapped Tiny in, went around to strap the Doctor in, and then I saw it, just above Tiny's head. A very non-tiny huntsman. In my mind probably as big as my hand (in reality probably half that). In my mind as hirsute as a Greek man's back (in reality probably correcto mondo). And so there ended any outings for that day. The spider went missing and I could not possibly go into the car for the rest of the day. Or night for that matter.

And tonight, I saw a huntsman hunting around near the smalls bedrooms. Usually I run the opposite way, but I was feeling unusually brave and grabbed the Doctor's favourite gadget. The Spider Catcher. I can catch the hairy blighters, keep them at arms length, and toss them outside. No harm done.

Have I blogged about this before? Well maybe, I don't know, tonight I'm too lazy to check. But given I have a hunch 'tis the season for hairy spiders, I thought I'd report back and let you know, the Spider Catcher comes highly recommended. Tell 'em PottyMouthMama sent you.


Amanda said...

Well that is quite clever..Glad it did it's job :P

trashalou said...

Apparently this is going to be a bumper season for spids and bugs in the UK this Autumn and Winter. REemind one day to give the full story of my sister's apparently-not-very-funny-at-all-reaction to a spider, her car and peak hour Melbourne traffic ;-)

One Flew Over said...

That looks like one serious spider catcher! Do they get spiders in Melbourne? Sounds like a stupid question but have yet to see a huntsman...3 months in to our stay...hmm

Punky's Mamma said...

Oh that is so great... I am seriously aracnaphobic though, doubt I could even use it! I usually just freeze & scream lol.