Sunday, 27 September 2009

Travel Tips?

My sister is about to jet off to the US for some serious fun and frivolity. Do you have any ace, just gotta know travel tips about San Francisco, Texas or NYC? If so, please share! Any secret holes in the walls that she must visit? Anywhere she's just got to check out? Anything she definitely just has to do?
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Loz and Dinny said...

Oh there is this amazing little diner in NOrthbeach in Sanfrancisco called 'Mammas' (maybe?) anyways it's near the coit tower ... I am sure the locals will be able to point your sister - but ... duncan and I still dream of their breakfast/brunch ... we queued on the second day because we couldn't believe how good their french toast and omelettes and hash browns ans oh oh oh - does your sister have room in her suitcase? I'll take her there myself ...

Sarah Jane said...

Brooklyn- Williamsburg! Just walk-walk-walk! Brooklyn beer tour and Beacons Closet for second hand/vintage good-ness. Oslo for proper coffee.
(All in Williamsburg)

Empire State at sunset so you get to see Manhattan in the daylight and at night!

Oh man, i love New York.

trashalou said...

The Neimann-Marcus building in San Francisco. Fabulous glass dome plus there is a great restaurant a the top if she is feeling fancy.

Amy (badskirt) said...

Best deals for accomodation come from Hotwire or Priceline (where you bid to get a hotel). I've always had fantastic luck with both!

San Francisco - the mechanical museum is fun ( Get some Chicago Style Pizza while there. There's a dodgy looking cafe called Massawa that has great ethiopean food but looks crappy in the Haight. A bit touristy, but The Stinking Rose in SF is a garlic fiesta restaurant.

Miss Muggins said...

San Fran is ace, but we couldn't find any afforable accomodation. I highly recommend that she go to Alcatraz island and recommend going on a hop on hop off bus, but go for the more expensive one. the cheap version we took kept breaking down and was trying to avoid the cops! The seals at Pier 39 are a must see too.

Miss Muggins said...

Also there is a great Surf Shack style diner/restaurant at Fisherman's wharf that seves VB! Great food, good prices, great booths.

Mel said...

Sushi Samba in NYC! If she can't get in for dinner then just a drink at the bar will suffice. Unbelievable!

Cass said...

If she does want to go to Alcatraz I would get her to try and book now because we couldn't get a ticket when we were there.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

....ummmm - hell yeah! at the risk of sounding like a bragging idiot, i've lived in both san fran and nyc.
head north of san fran on the 101 to marin county - sausalito, mill valley and tiburon are gorgeous, well worth a day trip. the redwoods near marin city are incredible. mt tam for hiking. sam's bar in tiburon....a local hole in the wall that comes to life after 10pm. on the w/e. if she can head even further north to the flea market, collectable and antique town of petaluma, so worth it.
pacific heights to see the san fran that you know from tv.
nyc - east village, 1st ave, aves a and b, from 14th - 1st streets will not disappoint; lower east side, rivington, ludlow etc are fab. and shopping is great (away from crowds) on lower 5th. ave btwn 15th. and 21st. 26th st. flea markets on weekends can unearth fab, cheap, industrial finds.
wishing your sister an awesome trip.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

when she is strolling through Haight ashbury in San Fran and people are whispering "bud" as she walks past ( although she probably won't look like a crusty back packer) they are offering her pot. Not Beer as in Budweiser. Just so you know. It took us a while to work tjhat one out.
thats my hot tip.

Toni Brockliss said...

SF - Must have chowder at Fisherman's Wharf and go to Haight Ashbury and see all the hippies.
Eat Ben and Jerry's. It was made in SF.
Alcatraz is amazing and sis has to do the self guided tour - you get a walkman and just stroll.
See the "switch back" street - seen in heaps of movies - very steep hill and the cars go around half roundabouts to get down. Ride the trams. Take good shoes. It is so hilly.
NY - My hubby and I ate at the The International Soup Kitchen (Soup Nazi)every lunchtime. Incredible. I will find the address for you. Exactly like Seinfeld. Order, pass your money, don't dilly dally and move to the left. Best soup I have ever eaten.
If you have time, get a person to come and see you from Big Apple Greeters. They come to your hotel and you just go with them for the day. We went to Harlem and it was an amazing. You can choose what you would like to do, so maybe sis would like to go to some cool markets and they will send the right person to show you them.
Jump on a ferry and take a ride around the island at sunset. There are so many people, that it is nice to admire the city from a boat sitting with your man, having a breather.
Go to the Village. Lots of little shops and cool bars.
Oh she is going to have so much fun. I'm off to drag the old photos out.