Thursday, 22 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 22: Exploring


The Doctor has been online exploring, sitting side-by-side while I clock up some work time. It's quite handy, and I think (or am I just brainwashing myself) quite useful for him to be learning some computer skills. Data entry may be just around the corner. Just kidding.

You might be aware of all that's online for little kids to play with, but we're just on the cusp of learning. We've fooled around on the Yo Gabba Gabba (or Yo Givva Givva as the Doctor calls it) site quite a bit. And there's oodles on there, with their signature upbeat and retro styling - what's not to love? Old stylie games (would it be naughty to admit I loved playing Planet Pong??), heaps of videos (with loads of good music - The Shins anyone?), and even gizmos you name it, Yo Gabba Gabba scores big time. While the games are good, some are a little advanced for our little four and a half year old. Unless you want to sit there assisting. Which trust me can become tired after a while.
The Wiggles site is also a winner. Easy games for the Doctor to manipulate and navigate. He spent a loooong time on here. There are puzzles, online colouring in, memory games and so on.

Playschool. He hasn't got to this one yet, and I have blogged about the Playschool site before. It's a good one and includes simple recipes that the smalls can make too. It has plenty of project ideas too. Printable colouring pages. Birthday party ideas. Useful box activities (in alphabetical order no less). It's cute. I like it.

Do your smalls visit any websites?


Cindy said...

Caleb is mucho obsessed with Seasame Street one. My speakers don't work but he still fumbles through them all. Poppy loves spotting all the characters. Sometimes I can't get work done. He also likes shoe shopping online - but that is a whole nother Oprah I think

Anonymous said...

Nope. My small won't even look at the television which she calls the "nasty light". If she catches me computering she either gets up to serious cheekiness or cracks a major wobbly.

She is just too young yet. I'll definitely store up the Yo Gabba Gabba site for future reference.

lovely lindsay said...

we love some yogabbagabba over here, too. luc has a folder on our desktop full of kid "safe" websites. he thinks it's pretty cool to be able to navigate around himself.
one of our faves:

Mel said...

I am so embarrassed to say that my 4 1/2 year old's fave site is you tube to the point where we will be having a conversation about, I don't know, motorcycle jumping Evel Knievel style and she'll say, "Let's you tube it" ... and so we do and next thing you know half an hour has gone by and I wonder whether that first introduction to you tube was such a good idea.

(just on a side point the first intro to YT was via Peter Allen's "Rio". She was into maracas big time so who better to try and emulate?)

Swirlyarts said...

We play on the Cbeebies website a lot (Cbeebies is the BBC's channel for young children in the UK - it's great!) We also watch some things on You Tube too - I've introduced my girls to shows from my childhood like Shoe People and Button Moon via You Tube! Yo Gabba Gabba isn't on in the UK (maybe on Sky) so I haven't seen it yet but have read favourable things about it.

Bek said...

We love

Teach the kids to say it in a french accent. tres cute!

Sally said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is my favourite show & site. I love it!!! So hip, so cool, so retro-licious :)

Regretably all my son wants to do online is watch nursery rhymes on You Tube... and he request the same six or seven every time!!!

Christie said...

the BBC's site is good

Ryder amazes me on the computer, such a techno-savvy generation

kellie said...

my boys are a little older but they like the hot wheels site which has games etc
when they were a little younger nick jr was popular
and they like searching for transformer and pokemon pictures on google!

Partito y Monito said... Easy, one click stuff for real littlies or starters. I started both of mine on this as it gets them used to pushing one key.

Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr, Cbeebies, Club Penguin, The Wiggles, Roary the Racing car are all good.

Happy Friday!

Seiko said...

Christine loves playing on the Up To Ten site ( and the Thomas site ( - surprise, surprise!!!
Its been a life saver while I had these morning sickness. Michael is slowly catching onto it...

My Kids TV said...

While not a website as such, Kidoz is a great program that allows kids to surf the web in a safe way. Only approved sites are allowed in the "walled environment" of Kidoz, and also includes safe games and videos. My 4 year old loves it!