Friday, 30 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 30: And The Bad News Is...

For days you have probably been wondering what the bad news is. Tossing and turning in bed late at night, racking your brain, what could possibly be the bad news PMM is going to spring on her readers?

Well here it is. I didn't have any bad news all those days ago. Nothing much exciting to report, no news is good news, you know. But today, the bad news is that I went out to a soiree last night, and now no longer have my favourite sunnies. This is incredibly bad news because I am one of those people that very rarely looses anything particularly favoured accessories. I'm consoling myself with some virtual shopping. Here are my top six picks for sunglasses today.Charles Anastase via my friend Emma's beautiful new online destination offtherunwayPhillip Lim via offtherunway
Ksubi Eyes via
AM eyewear via
Le Specs via
Karen Walker via


Jessi said...

i am on the same hunt at the moment. have u checked out oo?

one teaspoon-le specs have a range the color combos left r not my choice but 88% off is pretty bloody good.

i love all your choices hmmm

Vanessa said...

Love the first ones - but doubt I could putll them off !!

Mel said...

Oh bugger! Nothing worse than losing a favourite pair of specs (which is why I have favoured daggy but cheap Cancer Council specs since children. And wouldn't you know it, I am yet to lose a pair of the bloody things!)

I say go the wayfarers babe. You could totally pull them off. A while ago I had a 20-something sunglasses hut (or similar) chick gobsmacked when I mentioned I once owned a pair of black and white checked wayfarers. Suddenly I was 'cool' in her book!

Alexis said...

Sorry about your sunnies! I can't wait to see which new ones you pick...