Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 4: Sleepy Sunday

Would you believe my feet are still roasted from Friday night? You better believe it. It's strictly ugg-ly (phrase c/- the Doctor) boots material around here at the mo'.

It's a long weekend here in Sydney so we've been going slow on the Sunday front. I've snuck in watching The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas while the smalls caught a few zzzz's. I must admit, I've not read the book, and I hate when I see a movie before I've read the book, I get the guilts, and this one in particular, I think I need to go back and read where it all begin. It's a great film, and well, it's got Rupert Friend.

It's a story told through the eyes of an eight year old boy living through the Holocaust, and it's a powerful story with an amazing cast.

I rate it **** in the PMM hall of films. (That's four stars, not to be confused with an expletive.)

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straw76berry said...

How bloody freaky!!! I'm having a coughing sneezing feeling sorry for myself day and just laid on the sofa and watched that very film on sky+ anytime. Turned the box off and the laptop on and here you are talking about the film. Spooky xx