Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 7: Ak-tee-va-tees

We're in the midst of holiday hullabaloo. Help me! Save me! Throw me a buoy!

Really, it's not bad. How bad and batty can I get when the Doctor only goes to pre-school two days a week anyway?

Here's a list of activities we've been getting stuck into, because it keeps the Doctor busy, and keeps Mama happy:

- bubbles - outside letting the wind blow the bubbles willy nilly. What child, or mother, doesn't dig on some sweet bubble action?
- baby-cinos a-go-go - out in the wilderness, no one can hear the screams, getting out with the smalls does me wonders, particularly when we get a sweet treat
- drawing - the Doctor is hitting his stride and going through a new phase of drawing. Layers and layers, people are being added to with new features (saucer-like eyes are the feature du jour), while Tiny loves working with one colour. And ahem. Different materials. Ie books, the couch, the table, the walls, her own body.
- tidying - the Doctor has a real knack for messing up his room, certainly doesn't get that from me *ahem*, so we're honing the fine art of tidying. Every single afternoon.
- walking - we indulge in a morning or afternoon walk. Each one offers up different specialties. Morning times, we escape being rained on. Afternoons, we dart through rain drops, laughing, together.
- baking, it's so freaking cold here right now (hello 30 degree days, where art thou??), baking is exactly what's needed to add another layer to our winter coats. Cough. Cough. Coughcoughcough.
What are you doing to keep the kiddios busy?


trashalou said...

Yep. I send 'em off to school between nine and three-thirty. Being the UK though we only have another two and a half weeks before there is another week off school

Mel said...

Snap! The four-year-old only goes to pre-school twice a week but those two days feel like an eternity - especially given her daily word count is well over the allocated average. I'm not kidding, I feel like my ears are about to bleed.

So, baking today (Banana, chocolate and ginger bread - yum) because yes, so bloody cold and uber-park yesterday ... how many days to go? ;)

(p.s not sure where you live but the park I refer to is a newie in Pyrmont, bottom of Harris St. Well worth a trek AND excellent proximity to cafe ;)