Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Great Buys For Hot Guys:: Christmas

I hate buying gifts for men. It just seems so impossible. Matt is worst of them all because half the time I find my presents are being squirrelled out of the house straight for a charity bin. They say charity starts at home, but how about loving my gift. So I'm problem solving guy presents today. Hooray for all womankind!
Let's go shoppers. A small balloon speaker for mobile phone or iPod. Around $75 from GeekStuff4U
I really love Aesop. They're Melbourne based, but so very cosmopolitan. Get your man friend this 'Barber of Seville' kit to put his best face forward.
Aesop $80

Anna & Boy mid shorts. A bit pricey at $165. But cool, non?

An achingly cool 'Hemingway' hat from Truffaux Hats $145

Arvust super soft raglan tee from General Pants $39.95
A subscription to Jamie Magazine from iSubscribe $47.95 (6 issues)

Or Cook With Jamie (because let's face it, I want something other than toasted sandwiches and pizza) $41.95 at Borders

Hookturn BYO Coffee Cup $10.95

Anthony Lister Book from Stupid Krap $40
Tickets to a show at the Sydney Festival. Or some shows are free so pack a picnic!
New sunglasses from Australian company
Colab Eyewear.

Or what about some new Havaianas?

Or a bottle or two of imported beer?

Or treat him to a massage? Or a pedicure?

Loads of great blokey ideas over at Remo General Store too!


Christina Lowry said...

I went to Uni with Lister and attended his first exhibitions, so I find it hard to take him seriously! Isn't that terrible? Same as an old friend is now a published writer, I'm not detached enough to judge!


Mama Mogantosh said...

So hard buying for Keith too....And the Jamie suggestion would not go down at thsi joint: Jamie is his NEMESIS. But that soft soft tee shirt has given me a good idea . Who can refuse to love a good tee shirt? Maybe with a secret little love tag added inside?

Thanks for the fab lists.

Gab* said...

Ugh, men are impossible to buy for! That speaker is a great idea though!

Aussie-waffler said...

Thanks for more ideas Ms Lexi, you are the woman in the know fo shiz.

Megan.K. said...

Yeah, I FAIL at presents for my man. I think out of all these years about 2 have hit the mark - and one of those he chose himself. I stress at his brithday and Christmas. I got so stressed one year I even forgot his birthday - and I'm never, ever, going to be forgiven for that one, sleep-deprived, brain-addled by breastfeeding and overwork, hiccup.
But the i-phone gadget could be the go this year?... Thanks for the suggestions Lexi.

Toni Brockliss said...

I have been loving having you as our personal shopper.
You have a great ideas. Men are hard!!
I wonder if Jamie would care to be gift wrapped under our tree instead of his book? I love that messy haired little slapper.