Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What's Hot? What's Not?

What's Hot?

- This change in weather? Who likes 38 degree days? Not I, said the little red hen

- Slow days spent with my sister

- There's only one sleep 'til Glee

- The bunny love that abounds. Bun Bun is being mercilessly loved to death

What's Not?
- The rabbit biting my toes. Through my shoes.

- The smalls bickering. It's. Driving. Me. Insane.

- Colours running in the washing machine and ruining my newly thrifted linens

For more of what's hot and what's not click on over to Loobylu.

And I drew the winner of the $130 gift voucher to choose a light of their own. Lucky number 12. Megan from Somewhere Along a Winding Path is the lucky gal pal. Please email me with your postal address and deets and I can hook you up!


Sarah Slaven said...

I love your fuzzy bunny so sorry that he finds you tasty

Lois said...

Hi Lexi!
The good thing is that you have listed more "hot" things than "not" things. The bad thing is going insane....not a good thing at all!
I hope you get moer "hot" things this week than "not".
Thanks for sharing.
PS Congrats to Somewhere Along a Winding Path!

Miss Muggins said...

love how Bun Bun is part of the furniture!

flossy-p said...

Get yourself a little sachet of "Run-Away" in the laundry aisle at the supermarket. You can get it for whites or colours. You wash it with clothes that have been "run on" and it all comes out. Don't ask me how, it's the stuff of magic!

Bun Bun is freakin' cute by the way!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Colour running in the wash? Blerrgghh. I hate that. Just quietly I have to keep one of those colour run remover thingies in the cupboard at all times.

I wish I could also keep something in the cupboard that removes bickering. Oh, yes actually I think I do ... its called masking tape.

(You know I wouldn't really do it .... much)

Aussie-waffler said...

I'm a little concerned now that your toes resemble carrots, naughty Bun Bun. x

Cindy said...

We have the stinker hot weather now. So not hot at all!
The bickering - oh my - driving me a little crazy when they are fighting over who breathed whos air - seemed like a good idea to have 2 at the time

Renee said...

Glee made it onto my hot and not list too - I love it! I hope your littlies decide to have a ceasefire soon.