Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas:: In Slow Motion

It's real slow motion over here because I've been struck down by yet another dreaded lurgy. At least it's pre-Christmas, right? Because I for one do not want to be sick on Christmas day.

So things are slow-mo. Today we've constructed our gingerbread house. I've thrown away any concepts that I may have had in my mind and just let the Doctor go gangbusters. It's more fun for him, and less stress for me. Now I have to guard it from Tiny. She has been pulling candy canes off the tree and eating them like some crazed lolly goblin.

Decorating the gingerbread house was kind of like decorating the tree. Not that I have an over-stylised tree. We have a mish mash of decorations and each one tells some kooky little story of its own, and that's the way I like it. I love wooden decorations, I love glass too (but there's a time for those and right now for us, it's not now!). Back to the wooden decorations, the Doctor and I got busy back on the 30th November decorating, and he dropped almost each decoration, sending the delicate wooden frames hurtling in slow-mo no less, and smashing on the tiles. At least someone was having a night on the tiles, right? And then we finally got all the decs onto the tree. And then Tiny pulled the tree over. So now all the decorations are lying everywhere and no one can be bothered to put them back on. It's like the saddest Christmas tree in the world. Half dressed, half naked. Mostly dishevelled.
And that suits us. For now at least.


Cindy said...

Oh sweetie, it sounds like you have a little chrissy burnout there. Go away bugs and yucky colds you are not welcome in summer. I am contemplating not even pulling out the decorations this year and just let the kids put up whatever ugly concoction they come up with. They will think that it is the best thign ever.

Mama Mogantosh said...

Oh, dear. We are just out of the lurgy loop over here. It really feels like it will never end, doesn't it? My advice is to really, really try and take it easy. Let the systems fall apart a bit. When you've got some energy back you can put life back together. Couch it, every moment you can. Good luck!xx

lily40au said...

Ain't that the way with kids. I remember friends of ours who put the tree in the playpen to keep little fingers away from it ... that was the funniest thing I'd seen at the time.

Hope you're feeling much better soon.

Porter said...

Nice chronicle of the reality of Christmas for most families. If you want to connect with others who are slowing down too, check out

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Lexi! I just wish I could give you a hug.