Sunday, 20 December 2009


Like I said earlier in the week, I went to town with pupcakes for Tiny. I'm not sure if I've mentioned before of Tiny's love for all things puppy and catty. She goes mad for 'puuuuuuppies!' whenever we pass them in the street. Same can be said for catties.

As dutiful mother, I decided since she didn't want to have her pav and eat it too, I would make pupcakes.

I was inspired by one of my favourite blogs - Angie and Kristin have oodles of fantastic ideas. If only I had sat up front and paid more attention because my pupcakes could have looked a little more like theirs, and a little less like...mine. An ode to a moustache. I even heard my MIL say, 'Oh that looks like a tarantula', ahem.

Thankfully it was just our exclusive party of four who had to eat them. We ate our way around the droopy cowboy moustache (Ode to Texas), the straight mo' (Ode to a Banker), and the monobrow - while clearly not a moustache, it's kind of like a brow 'stache (Ode to a Mono).
Thanks be to blogger for rotating my image. Again. Rotate your head dear reader. x


Christina Lowry said...

What? Tarantula?

There must be something wrong we me... I saw puppies and kitties...


Last night I was complimented on various things around the house - an apron, a sugar bowl, that sort of thing - "oh yes", I replied to my Aunt in law, "I brought all of those at op-shops". Her response? "My dear, would you have anything in this house at all if you had to buy it from a real store?"

Ummm... yes, food?

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Lexi, I think they are utterly wonderful!! Too good to almost eat, and I say puppies too.

sophie said...

oh puppies for sure - very, very cute, and what love to go all creative like that for your special girl!!

Home Girl said...

ohh i love these, will be stealing this idea for my fellow pussy cat obsessed little one. i guess next time u make pav try putting some whiskers on it!