Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Last night was super supreme. Well it did start with a few hiccups (Le BunBun went for le snip and it took one hour of waiting to finally take him home from le vet, which meant that I came home snappy, manically jumping in the shower and getting dressed, slapping on some make-up and getting the smalls sorted). Other than that, Matt and I were free as two love birds.

We had a couple of beverages at the Opera Bar (which coincidentally is KERAZY busy), bumped in to an old friend, then skipped off to catch the divine sounds of Brian Campeau (to who we were so compelled we snaffled his CD then fought about who had to carry it all night).

Joanna Newsom was positively dreamy and ridiculously cute wooing the audience (we didn't actually need wooing, we were already hers). It was her birthday so the whole audience sand 'Happy Birthday', it was fun, it was mesmerising, and she is even better in real life. She wore the most awesome killer heels and a beautiful dress. What a knock out.

In fact, I can't stop listening to her music now (and Brian's). What music are you listening to right now? I mean, right this very second.


Michele said...

500 Days of Summer Sondtrack (it rocks...as does the movie...have a little girl cruch on zooey deschanel ...awesome style/clothes/hair to die for)

other than that old Dearhunters - Jodie from the CLouds - remember them???

Christina Lowry said...

How did you get Matt to go to see that?! My husband is a NOFX fan and generally won't go to concerts with me - unless it is the big day out, or the time he took me to see John Butler Trio (I was pregnant at the time and I am sure he knew not to argue with me), oh and we saw Cat Empire together. Hmmm... that sounds like alot, but given that is in an almost 10 year span I would say it is not. But I gotta love him, he brought my sister and I both tickets to see Bob Dylan and Ani Difranco for our birthday once and another time tickets to Cat Power.

I have a crush on Zooey Deschannel too. That hair. Those clothes. sigh

And the Clouds! I loved the Clouds! "if you want to tell beautiful lies listen to me, there is a word that you can use try and you'll see... never say forever, never say forever..." double sigh...

Christina Lowry said...

I thought I should just write something else now, just in case that comment wasn't long enough. tee hee hee :)

teddybearswednesday said...

So glad you had such a wonderful night. And she was awesome.
Iron and Wine- Around the Well 2nd disk