Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Things I WILL Do

both images via Habitually Chic

One of my favourite blogs to loose myself in is Habitually Chic. So much inspiration, and though my home does not look like any of those featured, I can dream and become inspired. I mean, check out these closets - positively dreamy! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite (but I am quite enamoured by Julie Janklow's and the delicate wallpaper in Tinsely and Topper Mortimer's wardrobe - love!). So Heather from Habitually Chic posted about things she will do this year. I'm hopping on the bandwagon. Here are ten things I will do in twenty-ten.

1. I will move house in 2010.
2. I will learn something new, or take a class in 2010.
3. I will declutter our house in 2010.
4. I will take a real holiday in 2010.
5. I will do my pelvic floor exercises every day (3 times daily) in 2010.
6. I will pay all my bills on time.
7. I will bring back the groove in the kitchen - new recipes, and lots of old ones for good measure.
8. I will definitely floss every single day.
9. I will read more this year. Not just kids books. Real grown up ones.
10. I will exercise more in 2010.

Some are small things. Some are big. But the most important thing is that I believe all are achievable for this new year, this new decade. I will try. Even if I don't succeed at all of them, I will try!


Bec @ honi design said...

Oh my goodness - other than point 1 our lists are idenitcal (but mine is pencilled in my diary)I laughed when you listed flossing too!! hhahaa. Oh,and I am busting to de-clutter my house.

I'm enrolling for this class if you're keen to join me?

jodi said...

it all sounds great. i might use your list! Pelvic floor exercises - good women. Australia has the highest rate of menopausal incontinence in the developed world...many professionals believe it has a lot to do with our 'prudish' culture and that we don't talk about the necessary changes that need to be made as we age. You and I will not be in that category though. Ok, enough about that...onto the other enticing ideas on that list!

Rach said...

I will be doing one very, very exciting thing in 2010...

Cindy said...

You are lucky to have me around I tell you as I am about to help you out with this one.
We can knock over 1, 3, 4 easily - move to Melbourne, then it would be like a holiday and a move all in one. Do the pelvic floor exercises on the way down. I could happily give you stress free sewing lessons with the only payment some good outcomes of 7. The floss and pelvic floors I will leave to you to concur on your own.
Seriously though, a great list that I can see you making amazing things from

dorothybills said...

really great list! makes me want to write my own, such a good idea! thanks

teddybearswednesday said...

I totally agree with Cindy. I think a move to Melbourne is a must. Great list, Lexi, you go get em!

Corinne said...

Good luck with your list! I certainly need to take some on board myself.

I just gave you an award - check it ou -

Aussie-waffler said...

As Arnie has said in those really annoying tv commercials (and just quietly, I have a sneaky suspicion that it might not really be Arnie)"You Can Do Iiiiiiit." x