Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Baby Straitjacket

Thanks for everyone's great advice and feedback regarding Baby Poocasso.

Today I've put Tiny down for a sleep with a nappy on. With knickers over the top. Wearing overalls.

If this fails, I will definitely try Anonymous' tip of putting the nappy on backwards. I like that idea. I probably should have tried that first. Tomorrow. And I will report back.

But thank you everyone, you've restored my sanity, above all.

And just while everyone is behaving badly, Le Bunbun deserves a special mention.

A couple of weeks ago he went for le snipsnip. We thought he'd come back a changed man-rabbit. Unfortunately his latest favourite thing is to lie on our bed. Last night I went to pick up my favourite bag - which coincidentally is called 'Keith' after Keith Richards. He'd nibbled through a strap.

Four lucky readers of PMM will have the chance to buy their very own rabbit paw necklace later in the week.

Because of the damage Le Bunbun inflicted on my bag, I'm oohing and aahing on this bag. Unfortunately (or maybe the bank is saying, luckily) it's sold out. Bah humbug. After The Apple (former designer at Mimco) have such a beautiful range of bags though, I'm sure I can seek out an alternative.

Making bills choc chips and these biscuits. They are a favourite. I dare you to not eat the whole lot. Tomorrow, recipes for rabbit.


Michele said...

ahhh bills your ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter how do I love thee

Re the bunny rabbit. Was wishing they let you keep them as pets in QLD just this weekend past as they are a heck of a lot cuter than guinea pigs but after reading this post maybe its a good thing

clare's craftroom said...

Don't watch Fatal Attraction it will surely be the end of your poor rabbit , lol !

Sewing-Chick said...

Oh a bunny rabbit! Mine passed away Oct '08- he was nine years old. Boy do I have some stories. Rabbits make the best pets if you can see past their chewing habit :)

Cindy said...

Oh Bun bun that is not fun! I was hoping the snip waould of whipped him into line. He looks super cute in photos where he isn't chewing my possessions, that isn't much consilation is it?

the textured leaf said...

Is rabbit fattening?