Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Chef Named Sous

This afternoon the Doctor and I got to work in the kitchen. I am an avid fan of Angry Chicken (edit:: oops - Jo Price has corrected me - thank you! It was Soulemama, not Angry Chicken - my bad!), and when she mentioned ricotta gnocchi I listened. In fact, she mentioned it was so good they'd cooked it twice in one week. Sounds like a meal I must get my chompers around, pronto.

I have always been a little scared of making pasta. We were gifted a pasta maker machine thing for our engagement, which I was thrilled about, but totally intimidated by.

No more!

The Doctor and I mastered these beautiful parcels of floaty goodness in just minutes. MINUTES! (These coincidentally only require a bowl, some flour, some hands and a flat surface to roll baby.)

We were so pleased and proud of ourselves. PROUD OF OURSELVES! Matt dug them. Ricotta gnocchi with tomato pesto. Gobbled down in no time.Tiny snubbed them. And commenced a crying bout of approximately 15 minutes until peanut butter toast was delivered to her.

Regardless of Tiny's snub, the Doctor and I have declared Sunday to be 'Pasta Sunday'. Next week.. Something new to add to our past twirling repetoire.

If you'd like the recipe it's from Tessa Kiros' 'Apples for Jam'. Email me if you'd like a copy.


Anna Lloyd said...

looks yummy!!

jo price said...

..looks like everyone in blogland is having ricotta gnocci twice this week. Soulemamma is raving about it too. Ricotta gnocci at Chez Price tomorrow.

FoodMuster said...

SO how do I e-mail you for this recipe? I would love to have it, pretty pleez:)

sewfunky said...

I have the apples for jam cookbook and have never tried that recipe - you make it sound so yummy and easy I may just have to try it!!! :D

teddybearswednesday said...

go you and the doctor! Um what does ricotta gnocchi taste like, I've never had it, I've only ever had/made the potato one. ( it's like one the only you know fancy things I can cook)
PS Oh dear, Tiny and I had the same dinner last night.

Corrie said...

oh delicious!!!!!!!! oh I'm jealous!


Sarah said...

oh oh can I have a copy!

ANything that is simple and yummy!

mama bear said...

Yum! I'm impressed! I tried to make gnocchi once and it was dismal. Looking forward to next weeks dinner!