Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Autumn Swimming

It's suddenly turned chilly here. Summer is swept away in constant breezes and grey skies. Autumn is upon us.

Which is all well and good when you don't have to take your child swimming. Which actually involves you getting into the pool. Moon tan and all.

The Doctor is now old enough that his classes are done with three kids and a teacher.

Tiny, however, is still tiny enough that she needs me in the water with her.

I only have two swimsuits. And today I had the really bright idea of wearing a different one. One that fitted me really well straight after I had Tiny and I was fuller in the chest department. This bikini has padding as well. Which is fabulous. Unless of course, the padding is way too much and just looks like you cut a tennis ball in half and shoved them down your top. But the good thing is you can remove the padding. Which is not so good when the top is just too big for you and it's all saggy, baggy elephant territory. So I put the padding back in. And didn't realise 'til I got there that I think I put it in upside down.

I hope you've got your bra on the right way today?


jo price said...

hmmm bathers post babies...no good can ever become of it. I recently braved it at our local pool in my only pair of swimmers (purchased during pregnancy) and my lovely husband kindly pointed out another lady wearing the same pair...only sadly this lady was at least 80. The moral of the story - dads only for swimming lessons.

molly said...

oh, man, i am so still laughing. a fantastic neighbor down the street when I was growing up once told the story of putting styrofoam inserts in her bikini top to impress the dudes when she was, oh, 15. It worked brilliantly, and they followed her at the beach all day, right on into the water after she jumped off the dock. And looked up to see two white circles, floating overhead. Au revoir, inserts. I think padding's an improvement, if only barely. Too funny. (This, as someone who needs a negative A, LOL!)

Amanda said...

that tennis ball explanation made me laugh out loud. thanks for the giggle :)

Cindy said...

Now let me make you feel better, recounting you the story of the girl who shall remain nameless who had to reach into sons swimming bag to reef out his goggles and managed to pull out her underwear at the same time and have it land right in front of young male swimming instructor - oh yeah I - umm - the nameless one was super red without sunburn