Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I Do Declare!

So apparently those big blue eyes of Pete Evan's don't woo you ladies. I'm declaring our man of the match Manu. He snaffled a huge 70 per cent of votes. Let's take a look at the score board at full time shall we?

  • Pete Evans came in at 18 per cent (I don't understand you ladies!)
  • A side order of fries came last, with only 11 per cent. Chicken salt, sauce or gravy?

    And because I am such a good sport, and there's nothing than a bit of eye candy, here's a gratuitous shot. With leather necklace. Just for you. No. Not you, YOU!

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1 comment:

Amy Paul said...

they're both hot.

too hard to choose.

Loving MKR too!