Monday, 8 February 2010

Kiddie Craft:: Heart To Heart

The Doctor and I are starting to hit our stride for 2010. We're setting aside some time to do some craft together. This week we've gone with a theme, and since it's Valentine's Day.. Well you guessed it, we're having a heart to heart. We're making hearts for those we love. And even those we like. We are kind of cute like that. Well he is at least.

All you need is some paper, some paint, some sparkles (and in our book: the more sparkles, the better), and we've upcycled some old wrapping paper to make hearts to the max. Is your heart exploding yet?

I'm not really into Valentine's Day, but the Doctor makes it fun, and he LOVES to give people he loves something he's made or drawn or painted. So we're getting into Valentine's Day the recycled, home style, crafty way. It can't hurt to tell someone

If you want to amp up the lovin' stakes, head on over to Toni's space. At Little Suitcase she's been counting down the 12 days of love. So much lovin' to be had at her place. Can you feel the love tonight?


Cindy said...

Look at Noah go, how can you not love a bit of heart craft! Has got some friends he can pop them off in kinder mail too? That will impress the ladies much more than dino talk

Toni Brockliss said...

awwwww....thank you for the love.

I think I will have to get Audrey and Elton to make those hearts today. They would look so sweet stuck on the windows....for Ben to then clean...Happy Valentines Day Ben!! Here's a wet sponge and a squeegee!