Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More Answers

I am back to finish answering all the questions, let's see how I go? Can I do it? Gosh I hope so.

Michelle from The Hills are Alive asked:

Who would play you in the movie of your life and why?

Someone once told me I looked like Suzie Wilks. I spent the rest of the evening ignoring that person because a) Suzie wears ridiculously short denim cut offs; b) Suzie wears a purple shirt with a giant yellow logo on it and c) I don't have a c, but I just wanted to add c. It seemed to bulk things up. So certainly not Suzie Wilks.

Maybe... Julia Roberts? We have similar hair and she was my doppelganger on Facebook and really I like her head, so I will take Julia Roberts. Either her or Miss Piggy. Either would make me happy.

Michele asked a bonus question of:

How do you manage the transition from Mama to lover after an exhausting day/week/year with the littles, you know switching gears and having the energy for some "quality time" with hubs?

Date night. Date night. Date night. It really is SO important to have some time where it's just YOU and husband/partner/ or if you're single - by yourself or with some friends. There is NO way you can recharge your batteries and reconnect without some time away from the smalls. It makes you a better mum/lover/wife. Stealing some 'me minutes' is imperative for sanity.

I also go for a long-ish walk when Matt gets home from work. He puts the kids into the bath and gets them ready for bed, so by the time I get home I kiss them good night.

The old saying, happy mama, happy baby is SO true, and I think good things can only come from being a little selfish (in a good way) to nab some time for you.

And if you just can't seem to go for a walk or get out of the house - my other non-luxury luxury is to have a shower - where (wait this is where it gets crazy) - no one comes into the bathroom while I am in there. Crazy that I even have to say that, but to have an uninterrupted shower is bliss.

So taking care of yourself will allow you to feel like you have a 'self' to share with other people.

With a new babe in her arms, Amber from Nutrients of Life asked:

What is your favourite song?

Currently listening in high rotation: Florence + the Machine. My favourites are changing all the time. But she has an incredibly strong and yet feminine voice. I love that. At this moment. And she's got red hair. I love redheads.

The currently blogless CurlyGirlJo asked me:

What is your ideal job? What have you worked as in the past? What would you like to do in the future?

My ideal job? Er - nothing? Is that a valid answer? No, ok then. A job that goes from 10-2pm so I can pick up my smalls from pre-school... Not good enough. Ok my ideal job is writing! I would love to be writing either for magazines or my own book. That's what I would dig.

In the past I have worked (in order) as:

- dish pig
- McDonald's Crew trainer
- behind the counter at Video Ezy
- waitress
- and then I landed my first role working in public relations which is what I still do now, only freelance

In the future:
I'd like to think I have a firmer handle on my direction, and more confidence in my abilities. And be writing more.

After snowboarding over here Lizzie from Nugg UK asked me:

Can she send me some bread tags. That aren't bread tags. They're flower tags. But they're like bread tags. But they're not. Oh I could go on.

But the answer is: YES PLEASE!

And finally Bianca from By Way of the Moon asked:

Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?

I would say it was the Marcels' version of Blue Moon - they sing 'bomp bomp ba bomp, ba bomp ba bomp bomp' and that, my friend, influenced the co-writers of the song (Barry Mann and Gerry Griffin) to include these nonsense lyrics. The song co-incidentally is written about how Barry's girlfriend fell in love with him after listening to several songs of the Doo-Wop genre.

And so it is, this here is the conclusion of 'Ask PottyMouthMama'. For this week. Stay tuned for another opportunity to ask me anything.


Bianca said...

sha-WING! that is the best response ever. I would have also accepted; The same guy who "put the ram in the rama lama ding dong"

Bianca said...

Oh! and I also think Audrey Tautou should make the casting short list in the story of your life.

Ammie said...

I've been loving this series. You crack me up. And, yes, you should be a writer. Yours is one of a small handful of blogs I read because I can't get enough of your writing.

Nugg said...

Hi, It's Lizzie at Nugg here if you e-mail a postal address to I'll post those tags across the planet! The whole concept gets me right in the funny bone. Have a great weekend.
Toodle Pip X