Wednesday, 24 February 2010

So I Look Tired. So Sue Me.

Yesterday I was in the city racing to a meeting. I walked through some shopping centre as a short cut, and this promotions guy called out to me.

I called back and said 'Sorry, I'm on my way to a meeting.' I continued walking away.

The promotions guy then called out again and said in a very thick, very Italian accent, 'Can I ask you something?'

I stopped, but was still inching myself backwards. I'd told him I was on my way somewhere, surely he wasn't still trying to get me to buy the beauty products that he was obviously selling. 'Yep, but I'm on my way to a meeting.'

'Oh look, don't take this the wrong way. Please don't take this the wrong way.'

I just looked at him a bit peeved. Dude I am on my way to a meeting and you're worried about offending me? And you're making me stop, when it's clear I am fanging it elsewhere??

And again, 'Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you, don't take this the wrong way. Are you using anything on your eyes?'

I turned and walked off 'No, and I'm on my way to a meeting.'

Men and cosmetic sales. Does it mix? And men with no sense of how to pose a question elegantly.

I walked away to that meeting feeling like poop. AND trying to steal glances at myself in shop windows to see if I looked ok.
So what if I look tired? I have two small children. I have a husband. I try and keep the house tidy, and if not tidy, at least clean. And I work. Of course I look freaking tired. I'm allowed to look tired. I'm not afraid to look tired.

And did he think that I was so insecure that I was going to ditch my meeting to buy up on his C-grade skin care so I looked less tired? More likely I'd ring up and complain that this guy needs some serious customer training.
Matt always thinks mamas look so nice because they have that gentle, tired look to them. I like to think I have that look too. Tired. Gentle. Busy. And happy.
So this is me. In all my tired glory. Take that promo-man. SHAZAM!


Vic said...

You look gorgeous... seriously. If that's tired then I wish I could look tired like you. ;)

mama bear said...

You look calm, happy and beautiful. Mr.Promo-Man has obviously been using too much eye cream himself and it's blurred his vision.

Christina said...

What?? You look gorgeous! Perhaps the 'do you use anything on your eyes' was offending people so the 'don't take this the wrong way' was the next step in trying not to cop an earful? How to not win friends and influence people?

I just keep walking now, it is always those dead sea hand creams at the shopping center near here and they get a guy and a chick on either side of you to try and rub stuff on your hands. Eekk! What? Yes they are my real fingernails! Leave me alone!

Christina said...

PS. I am totally loving your top too. And I am with Vic, wish I could look tired like you. :)

Bianca said...

hehehe you're so much politer (is that a word?) than I. One of those hand creamers caught me on a (very) bad day in the midst of a mission and the F word flew before I'd even composed my ‘not interested frown’. Really. I was soo mortified I almost went back to apologise! And would have if I’d thought I wouldn’t end up with $80 worth of guilt crap.

You look be-duiful. Perhaps the don't take this the wrong way was his way of saying, hey lovely lady you're hot, but I am not coming onto you.

Amanda said...

you don't even look tired! you look great

i was tempted to send a pic of me today to you to help you feel better but I think it would make me feel too crap! i didn't get enough sleep last night and have huge bluish bags under my eyes

Mama Mogantosh said...

I agree, you look beautiful. And that man had one bad script. Recently I got bailed up by a girl doing one of those promos, and she brightly asked me 'I see you are interested in beautiful nails!' Obviously the lead-in to her pitch...except that my nails looked so, so bad- the blue polish was chipped off just nicely half-way down the nail, so the dirt was shwon to best advantage.

You are a big hottie.

the textured leaf said...

I know the tired gentle but happy, mama look you mean and thats the one I aim for too.
That guy did some sales sinning in the wrong direction!

Suzy said...

It's so rude to keep harassing you when you've already said you can't stop! I hate cosmetic people who try and make you feel bad to sell stuff.

You look great. And I love your dress / top.

m.e (Cathie) said...

i'll have what you are having!

Little Ted Canvas said...

I'm thinking you look pretty great! I do like the thought of us mama's looking 'tired & gentle' being a nice way to look - how comforting that is when I'm sitting here severely sleep deprived & feeling like crap...

Leonie Guld said...

Oh....PLeeeeeese...tell him to shove it!!! x

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I agree with you about the blokes selling cosmetics? No way... and like you are going to buy somethign from someone who insulted you! this is exactly what the beauty industry does - tell us we aren't good enough!

Melbourne Vintage said...

Oh don't mind those idiots - they're all over Melbourne and you need to completely and entirely ignore them. They're just trained to be rude so you buy their hideously disgusting products. You look great and just forget about that twat.

Jessi said...

oh yes the same men have approached me saying exactly the same thing in Melbourne... Their product is terrible and their service or lack there of is appalling !


Anonymous said...

I think you are gorgeous.
I like your eyes.
They sparkle-arkle.
You shoulda chucked a Whitney on him.
You shoulda.

xx Pip L

PS word verification : bullys

handmade romance said...

SHAZAM hehe you are the best! xx
and very beautiful, tired or not i might add. i never trust a guy selling beauty products : )

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Poo to him. I heard on the news today that there is no proof that eye cream actually does anything anyway. Take that Mr. Promo. Oh yes. Take that.

Leni and Rose said...

Well, I think you look absolutely gorgeous and not tired at all. Poor salesman needs to get better lines - he'll never get anywhere with that one!

jo price said...

....whenever I pass by these people in my local shopping centre I always use the same response when they ask me what I am using on my hands / nails - I tell them I was using the crap they sold me....hehehehe.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

girl, compared to this mama who is dealing with all the same things as you - you look like you are wide awake ready to par-tay!!!!!! shazam cheap cosmetic selling imbecile! he should've shut up after 'don't take this the wrong time...' came out of his mouth for the second time....he knew he was dealing with it all wrong. x

patchworkoncentralpark said...

You look fabulous! I remember when I was in this stage of my life and thinking I looked crap, and worrying about non existant lines. I now look at photo's and think what was I thinking!
You look as if you are in your early 20's Just remember he was trying to sell something and that line probably works on two out of three women.

teddybearswednesday said...

What is that guy on about !!!
Lexi you are seriously beautiful, one hot little chickie dee, and I don't even think you look tired, but if you are a beautiful tired.
Shazam Bam! Right I think this guys deserves some wooden spoon honey treatment. xo

flossy-p said...

Man, you're lookin' fine to me. That nit-wit knows not what he speaks... and anyway that's probably how he starts all his sales lines, offending women city wide.

p.s. Thanks so much for your comments yesterday. They really helped.

Maggie May said...

You got it right in the end. It was a sales tactic based on your vanity. I might have cried, but you are stronger!

Toni Brockliss said...

You look gorgeous!
What a knob head.
I blame the companies of the beauty product. Sinking to a new low by getting a man to tell you you need help with your skin.
Imagine a woman at the shops selling advanced hair to a bald guy. Hey baldy! over here!
The guy would be mortified and rush out and buy an even bigger car in red.
You are beautiful and you don't need some greasy guy at the shops to ruin your day.

Tania said...

Nup. You look freaking gorgeous. Even if we do know you live in fear of finding Tiny little poo nuggets around any corner.

Sarah said...

I thought it was weird to see a piccy of you saying you look tired when you look oh so good to be tired!

I would like to look like that when I am tired!

You know I actually feel bad for those guys. They are paid bugger all to do this job and they probably don't even agree with the stuff. They also know everyone else hates what they do as they even hate those people themselves! with me?

Megan.K. said...

You look so gorgeous Lexi. I like Matt's description of mamas looking nice because they look tired and gentle... sweet.

Emma said...

He must have been both blind and deaf! No way do you look tired, and he just plain wasn't listening. Just like the guys in the drama on BBC4 last night: "Sex, The City, And Me" - a must see film about a high flying city banker who gets her nose rubbed in it by her male colleagues and bosses when she decides to become a mother... they thought she'd be tired... so she sued them... your post is soooo apt! x

Link: Brilliant and well worth a watch if it comes on Aussie TV, or if you can access it online