Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Back:: Recharged & Ready to Conquer

Last night I had the good fortune of a night in a hotel. By. My. Self. I was lucky enough to be invited by Pampers to enjoy the Perfect Night's Sleep.

If you're a long time reader of PMM you are already well versed in the latest bad string of broken night's we've been experiencing and the utter exhaustion that seems to have descended upon our home. If you're new, in short, this last two-three weeks has stunk on the sleeping front.

After a night out meeting some ace new people, and learning some tips from the geniuses that are Tresillian, I feel recharged and ready to tackle pretty well anything that might be thrown at me (except fire batons - don't throw those at me).

I came home to my two littlies who were happily playing. I packed lunch like there was no tomorrow. Seriously, a sleep by yourself is definitely underrated. It feels so luxurious!
What's your ultimate luxury?
PS - I'd quite like that luxury up there - Princess and the Pea by Maileg via Toy Boutique.


Mel said...

Um yep the sleep without a toddler kicking me in the ribs would be great followed by breakfast by myself (made by someone else of course) and then a WHOLE DAY in which to sew, read, nap do as I like really. And you know what's sad? I'd probably be missing everyone all day and not even enjoying it!

Hope your night gets you through at last a few days ;)

Anonymous said...

My ultimate luxury would be a lap pool in the garden. Oh how I'd love to be able to pop in for some laps whenever the moment arose.

A night away sounds like a lovely treat - well done you!

Sara said...

I am so glad to hear this wonderful news. A good night sleep well deserved! Tresillian are great huh? How come more people don't know about them I wonder.

tea with lucy said...


Checked myself into a local hotel last week for 24 hours on my ownsome.

My beloved kept asking "what will you do" "won't you get bored." Duh.

... and when I returned home, he commented that he could see a bit of the old me back again.

(unfortunly, I'm in need of another night off already).

the textured leaf said...

My luxury is (funnily enough)getting into bed with freshly laundered sheets.
Its the simple things right?

A said...

That sounds great! It's so much easier to cope with babes when you've had some sleep.... I'm thinking of doing the same thing myself before baby #2 arrives.

Michele said...

wow how did you score that? i would kill 4 a night alone in a hotel. great shots hot bath

also love love love the princess and the pea have you seen the book by lauren childs the charlie and lola author great stuff

Michele said...

umm great shhets i mean some sort of freudian slip there doesnt help tha t i am typing in the dark

whoah that p and the p is exie