Monday, 8 March 2010

Best Dressed

I am yet to see any frightening frocks from the Oscars, so far my favourites are:

SJP - lady can dress - I always love an SJP outfit (this is Chanel) - look at her SHINE! Gorgeous. images via

PS - Does Kristen Stewart EVER smile? I wish her make-up artist had drawn a smile on her. I would have paid her a buck to do it too.



Christina said...

How much of SJP's hair do you think is real? Do you think she could hide a small child in that hair knot? It does look cool though.

I do love an art gallery too and drag Cohen along in his pram. He tends to crack it half way and then gets out and crawls around for a bit and amuses the old ladies. I imagine I won't be able to get away with this for much longer though? Now that he is walking...


Ben said...

I totally agree!
I saw her and said to Ben that she was the dress winner. Gorgeous...except I did want to smooth down some of the hair fuzzies at the front.
...and I loved the girl with the pixie hair - Carey....I forget. Reminded me of Audrey.

Toni Brockliss said...

and that was my comment, me, toni...not my Benny.
He didn't even know the AA's went on today and just wondered what time lunch was?
ps - as for Kirsten Stewart - irritating. Just smile already. What worries does she have to have so much stress at 19? She had a stud on one arm, another in the cupboard, she's a millionaire and she's thin. Lighten up!!

Stacey said...

Love, love SJP's dress. Matthew Broderick always makes me laugh these days. Ferris Bueller's voice coming out of a middle aged man. Too funny.
As for Kristen what's her name. Annoying sour cow.

Amanda said...

Sorry I hate SJP's dress, not flattering at all, chanel or no chanel it looks like a yellow sack and the hair! bad...