Monday, 8 March 2010

Pretty Pretty, And Some Not So...

(L to R) Tina Fey (should sack her hair stylist) looks nice in a Betty Flintstone kinda way; Mariah Carey is bust-ing outta there; Carey Mulligan - divine to the power of divine, I love that stylish nymphette; Virginia Madsen - classic.. No fail.. Ok onwards.
(L to R) Kate Winslet - pretty...boring. Look I love Kate, I just don't love this dress (or is it a pantsuit?). Dame Helen Mirren - looks incredible, a real bombshell, love this. NEXT! Looks like Liz Hurley's head. But it's not. No it's director of The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow looking a bit safey mcsafe.. and finally Elizabeth Banks, love the dress, not big on the hue. Are you?
(L to R) Rachel McAdams, gorgeous, classic, dreamy; Amanda Seyfried - meh (and are they tan marks I spy); J-Lo, gorgeous, girlfriend knows how to work it; is that Demi Moore or Dannii Minogue? I still can't figure it out. Caption says Demi, eyes say Dannii.
(L to R) Charlize Theron just got off her shift at Hooters; Zoe Saldana - what a beautiful woman, love this frothy goodness; Anna Kendrick (I don't know who she is...?) just kind of disappears into her dress.. Is there someone actually wearing that dress? I thought it was just a wig floating.. Molly Ringwald - goddess, loving her.

More pretty frocks I've siphoned off NY Times.


BuBbles said...

Hahaha, love your comments PMM. I'll be posting my hits and misses tomorrow too.

Anna Kendrick was in Twilight btw as one of Bella's friends. Not sure what her big Oscar movie was though.

Laura Jane said...

Anna Kendrick is nominated for Up in the Air with George Clooney, and her dress is beautifully detailed but the colour is not appropriate for her colouring.

Mariah Carey. Oh. My. God. Money can clearly not buy taste. Never has with Mariah. Pass me the sick bag, and then get Mariah a calendar that goes past the 90's. Geez Louise, her tits aren't that special even if they are real.

The rest, a bit samey this year.....

Michele said...

You may get a kick out of reading Nie's reviews. Funny to play compare and contrast with your impressions

BTW if you care to read back through Nies archives (highly reccomended) be sure to have some Kleenex nearby.

Very inspiring woman. Amazing woman. Amazing blog. Made me fall in love with my husband all over again and reset my sights on Motherhood and being a mum.

She rocks!

teddybearswednesday said...

Loving the PMM fashion commentary ! I didn't watch,but thanks to you I'm not missing out on any of the important stuff.xo