Monday, 8 March 2010

How Do You Like It? MORE MORE MORE!

(L to R) Diane Kruger - pretty; STOP THE PRESS - is that a hint of a smile on Kristen Stewart's face???; Melanie Griffiths - moving right along; Meryl Streep - love love love.
(L to R) Gabourey Sidibe looks sumptuous and elegant in this frock; Tracey Amis - such a pretty colour, such a pretty dress; Maggie Gyllenhaal can do no wrong in my book; Mo'Nique - beautiful, that ruching is flattering and the hue is incredible on her.

(L to R) Sandra Bullock - I'm no fan, but she looks timeless; SJP - love, BIG love; Cameron Diaz looks ethereal and elegant; Miley Cyrus - love the frock, shame about Miley.

(L to R) Sigourney Weaver, love the colour, love the cut - love it all; Dr Quinn Medicine Woman should promptly remedy her hair; Penelope Cruz - she is a hottie; Vera Farmiga - I love this, love the frills and spills, so pretty.

All shots from NY TIMES.


Michelle said...

ooh yes, I do love a frock show. But Oscar frocks just not the same anymore without Cher or Kim Basinger.

And that's Melanie Griffiths, not our Rach.

Amber said...

Oh i am not loving some of the frocks. Maria Carey just does not do it for me...hehehe.
I like the pastels for sure...xx

katiecrackernuts said...

Maggie G and I are besties. Well, no, we're not. But I think she'd like me. Don't you? DON'T YOU?

The Southern Housewife said...

Not normally a fan of Mo'Nique but I thought she looked very classy and well put together! Bravo for your little review. :)

amy prior said...

I loved all the colourless dresses and sparkles this time x great overview of all those frocks!