Friday, 12 March 2010

What's Doing?

You may well be wondering what we're up to this weekend? Probably not, but I will tell you anyway.
  • Shopping for a big girl's bed, well a mattress at least
  • Cooking a curry. It's been on my radar for the week, this weekend I need to fulfill that promise to my taste buds
  • Watching at least one good movie (have you watched any good ones lately?)
  • Continuing the house hunt. I thought I found a good place this week, only to have the real estate agent not call me back - er thanks
  • Crafting with the smalls for a little bit of Easter lovin'
  • Ironing, because that's the way I roll

And you dear friend, what will you be up to?

A personal message to Sal at Georgie Love - I feel we may have two kindred spirits in the form of our Makka Pukka, Iggle Piggle lovin' little ladies. We've got the books - dog eared, and Makka Pukka. Loved. And there's the stitching I started on. Yep I realise it's not much, but it's all the strength I could be bothered mustering.


Gillian said...

Definitely not watching Iggle Piggle and co that's for sure. Might try and finish my husband's Xmas present!

Mama Mogantosh said...

I'm off to a fancy-pants wedding in which the K-Dog and I are performing as the 'Vineyard' couple in the fashion parade of the bride and grooms lives. Confusing, I know. But should be very, very fun.

We're not so much about the night Gradne around here anymore, but man, we went through a stage of serious love. Ivy can still perform the iggle-Piggle dance on request.

Have a good one. xx

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

if you are cooking a curry can I recommned a trip to spiceland in Flemmington? You won't be disappointed.

I will be nursing a sick Busy this weekend. She has "swimmers ear" apparently . and a cold. oh and conjunctivitis. oh happy happy joy joy.

Katy said...

yes the madam goes in and out of her night garden thing but she does like them.....sounds like a good weekend plan though! curry sounds nice maybe i'll 'borrow' that idea.

Georgie Love said...

In the serious words of psychologist DrMr as he tries to bring me up to speed on what is going on in the garden: "I think Makka Pakka is not as cognitively developed as the other two". The break down was certainly thorough.

This morning my 16 month old told me "don't touch" when I was moving one of her iggle piggle books.