Saturday, 6 March 2010

Who Put the Rage in Garage?

After a wee second birthday party we drove home, with a detour following some fluoro signs that blasted GARAGE SALE. It was an instruction we could not ignore. It was a command. Where there is a garage sale we must follow.
I got a little perturbed when the trail to the garage sale turned thin. I started to do a U-turn, and Matt piped up that we should keep going. So we did. Thankgoodnessforthat.

What we discovered was a garage sale on the brink of closing down. Ten minutes to go. I got a few choice linens (the cross-stitch, though silverfish fodder, is unfinished, perhaps I should help it realise its full potential). The frog hidden in the depths of an ugly vase.

And a big box full of linens. Which some (un)charming woman told me she had just purchased so I could not look. Thangsverymuchcowabunga.

However I did snaffle these two delightful angels, perfect for Christmas decs, a wooden elephant reminiscent of the ones my grandmother had (minus the tusks - did someone use those for toothpicks?!), and that cool Corningware dish (minus its lid, but I am ok with that).
Matt scored a wooden bowl which was thrown in as a freebie..

And almost my favourite thing, I do believe, how fortuitous. I had just taken out my knitting last night. I spied this stool/table thing and asked the lady what it was. A knitting stool. You put your knitting in the middle, and sit on it. Sit and knit baby. The fabric has definitely seen better days, but will be easy to replace. And she told me it's almost 100 years old. For $10 it was mine.

Perhaps tomorrow I will share my spoils from my mid-week op-shopping adventure. Tiny and I. We wike shopping! Actually, we both hate it. But op shopping calls, and it's a duty that we must obey.


Copper Patch said...

The stool is cool! We had the kissing angels on the sideboard when I was growing up. Dad probably still has them.
Nice buys,

Knicky Knacks said...

Nothing like a good ol' garage sale to get the heart racing! Love the sewing chair. You'll be whipping up a cardigan in no time as you sit on that beauty!

katiecrackernuts said...

I haven't ventured into garage sale territory - I fear if I get a whiff of the scene, I could be lost forever.

Jodie said...

I think we need to see the knitting stool in action ! (I'm a bit confused)

Marilyn said...

Yes how does that knitting chair work??? Love the frog...that's something I collect. I have several...and that looks like a good one....yeah for G-SALES.

dorothybills said...

woo hoo! what a loot! well done!

Laura Jane said...


I wike garage sales too.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I am with Jodie- I need some action shots of the knitting stool.