Sunday, 25 April 2010


This morning we woke to Tiny tantying in bed. So the Doctor and I hot-footed it out of the house as quickly as we could, plucking some rosemary on the way, and headed down to our local ANZAC Day service.

The above photos of are of my grandfather, Gramps.
I don't remember Gramps talking an awful lot about war. He fought in Papua New Guinea. I do remember seeing that thick almost scratchy wool uniform though.
The top photograph is Gramps with my grandmother. A couple ever-devoted to one another, and I must say, theirs is a pure and undying love.
Gramps once stitched up a large cut (on his hand Mum?) with fishing wire.
Gramps had such a sweet tooth. He always brought us jelly rats when they came to visit, and their car always had sweeties strewn through it!
He made a fantastic baked cheesecake.
He would always pull his socks up and wear sock garters, much to my mortification as a teenager.
When we were little he'd let us drive the car through the paddock. I was the smallest, so I sat on his knee and steered while he worked the pedals.
Gramps loved Days of Our Lives. Turned up really rather loud.
He would always do all of the washing up.
Lest we forget.


Rainbow JenJen said...

Lest We Forget.

Lovely memories ;)

Tania said...

Hah! Your Gramps and mine had a lot in common. Except for the sock garters, (as far as I know).

Christina said...

My grandfather also wore those sock garters every day of his life. Those and leather shoes, even in his 80's.

Your grandfather sounds wonderful.

We shall remember them.

Lucy said...

I have loved reading posts about other bloggers grandparents around Anzac Day. It strikes me that we need to write down all the Grandpa stuff, so that the kids have a sense of it all? Thank you.

teddybearswednesday said...

Gorgeous post Lexi, your Gramps sounded awesome. xo

Aussie-waffler said...

Wonderful pics PMM, thanks so much for sharing. x

kim at allconsuming said...


You know, it's the pics of them as young men - full of life and excitement (pre-war) and 'their women' full of pride and anxiety - that slay me every time.

Lest we forget indeed.

Michele said...

Bless his cotton (gartered) socks
This is lovely PMM you paint a great picture. Special memories and awesome photos

mama bear said...

Hey Lexi,

This post is what made me really think about ANZAC Day, and about my family I've never met but heard about so much.

I loved reading about your Gramps. He sounds like a wonderful man. Thanks for sharing a bit of him. x