Monday, 19 April 2010

Babysitter BooHoo

I've written previously about my lack of luck when it comes to babysitters.

After that spasmodic episode, I thought my babysitter shortage had ended. Oh how wrong I was. Woefully, spasmodically wrong.

I am working in an office one day a week for a few months on a new campaign. I'm excited. It's the perfect way to ease my way back in, and it's an awesome company.

I had a babysitter lined up this week. I sent her a text last night to clarify what time I would need her to start, and what time I would be home. It was then that she told me she had to leave at 12:30pm.

Awesome. Tiny can just hang out in the house by herself for the rest of the day. Fantastic. There's nothing like Tiny babysitting herself. It's worked well previously.

Now it's back to the drawing board of babysitters. Bah humbug.

Btw - did you ever read The Babysitter's Club? Gulp.. I did.
image via the Other Erin.


mylittlebirdie said...

sorry to hear about the babysitting crisis. hopefully things all work out, so you wont have to deal with the ongoing stress that is, babysitters!

where is maryanne when you need her!
she was my fave! plus she scored logan for a boyfriend! so lucky : )

Lauren said...

I LOVED the babysistters club! i recently found a bunch of the books at my folks place!

...i hope you find a GREAT babysitter soon!

mama bear said...

Maybe you could get Tiny to do some housework while she's there? Throw a load of washing on?

I loved the Babysitters Club. LOVED. Oh, so many memories.

PS. On a serious note, I do hope you find a good babysitter for the smalls. Best of luck lady. xx

Anonymous said...

I was seriously fond of the Babysitters Club. It wasn't until I leant my stash to my niece (who, coincidentally, I babysat for years) that I realised that these girls were 13 (or 12 when Kristy had her Great Idea!) 13!!! What were these parents thinking? Jeepers!

Amber said...

man i loved those books!

teddybearswednesday said...

Move to Melbourne and I'll babysit anytime!
Yes Babysitter's Club reader and gulp watcher too- do you remember the TV show version? So bad it was good! xo

pepper said...

I was more into Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, my sister was into Babysitters Club. Made it tricky when we wanted to play, she wanted to talk about babies and do hair and I kept tracking down clues and hiding..

Damaris said...

I read the babysitters club like there was no tomorrow.

I'm actually babysitting for a friend right now and vegging on the internet while he daughter sleeps. I nursed my baby, put my 4 year old down (ok, fine my husband did it) and then i came over to babysit for my friend. I'm a champ babysitter, can you tell?

If you lived in California I would totally babysit for you too.

Belinda said...

Babysitters club was my favourite book and I loved babysitting when I was younger! I must say I was destined for my profession.

I hope you find a good babysitter.

If you need a hand I could recommend some options that have worked for me in the past :)

Duyvken said...

I read all the babysitters club books.
I may be something of an expert on them, even.
If only that was a marketable skill.