Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I Forgot Our Bookcase

Matt and I are enduring some sort of book apartheid. My books are not allowed near his. It's his rule. Not mine. Same with my CDs and his. They are not mixed. He keeps them separately. I have questioned him numerous times about this to no avail.

So for now, books and CDs are segregated. There will be no co-habiting for these forms of entertainment.

It's for this reason that I forget I have books. And it's for this reason you would have seen me on the ground today clambering along the length of the floor looking at my books which are in piles because they don't rate as high as Matt's art books. Mine are wobbly towers, which, after I withdrew a couple of books toppled over and I still haven't mustered the patience to re-build them. Perhaps that's an activity for the Doctor and Tiny tomorrow?!

So in my hot little hands for a re-read are:

I have enjoyed the recommendations that everyone shared with me. I am going to take a look at them and make some book-lovin' purchases. Will keep you posted!


teddybearswednesday said...

hehe I think this is cute. I love learning the little quirks and funnies of people's life. xo

Amy Paul said...

yep - ol' Steve is on my bedside table too.These little ones keep us on our toes, eh? I've also picked up "building confidence" from James Dobson at the oppy.
Maybe one day I will have the brainspace for a sappy love story - but for now I need all the tips I can get to keep these ankle biters at bay!
xx Amy

Georgie Love said...

Hilarious, DrMr is the same - our books, DVDs and CDS CAN NOT TOUCH.

mama bear said...

Why can't your books live on harmony? Why have they been sent to the bottom shelf? Poor books. I would let
them play with my books, as long they were arranged
by spine colour. Cause that's how we roll in my OCD bookcase. x

lisa :: the red thread said...

too funny. our household also has definite book and cd apartheid. it always has and I imagine always will.