Friday, 30 April 2010

Slaying Dragons & Drinking Flagons

This has been a wildly emotional rollercoaster ride of a week. I am ready to get off.
I feel as though slaying dragons would be preferential to living through this week, it's been that rough around the edges.

I'm not drinking flagons, though I do feel as though I could be sitting under a bridge near you, with my brown boxes in tow. We have one sleeping bag and one swag, so the kids are right.

Our house is semi packed up. Tiny is totally out of sorts and is requiring a whole lotta cuddles. Which is fine with me because I need them too.

I know this is a blessing in disguise, but it's getting through this time before we move, with half our lives in boxes, this stagnant living, well it stinks.

image is of St George.


Maggie May said...

I hope your actual move is smooooth. Hang in there.

Georgie Love said...

Ah, you can detox after the move - for now it's comfort food, comfort drinks, a whole lot of hugging and routine be damned.

THe perfect new house is just waiting to become available for you to discover it. It's there. Much love in the meantime.

sophie said...

moving stinks! thinking of you

Leonie Guld said...

My dragon this week is my MOTHER. I can't shove her in a box and post her far far away can I. Maybe I could tie her to a dragons tail and she could live high up in a cave far away from civilization.....that could be good, that could work.......Its a full moon thing....I think we are all a little cranky!!

mama bear said...

Ah, I really feel for you. I keep telling PB that PMM is having a really tough week. We're both thinking of you. Not in a weird stalkerish way though.

Michele said...

great post title amazed you can still pull one out in the midst of all the drama

Hope the weekend improves and yes focus on that end point (bit like childbirth IT WILL BE WORTH ALL THE PAIN. Productive. Getting you somewhere you want to be.

In the meantime crack open the Bin 444 (nice red) but hang on I dont think it comes in flagons . Brown paper bag optional

Loz and Dinny said...

Oh man ... moving and packing it is uncool at the best of times but even more uncool when you are unsure where it should be that you direct the van. I recommend 'vino collapso' - that which comes in a cask - you always have the option of a blow up pillow if required. ... and there will be a perfect abode when you wake from your wee slumber ... it is all going to be ace ... as in space ace!