Thursday, 1 April 2010

Wiggedy Wiggedy Wiggedy Whack!

For you. Just for fun.

When I was a teenager I so wished I was black. I did. I wanted corn braids. Dance better. Sing better. Totally cool. It was so much better than being white. I wore oversized Malcolm X tees, handmade African necklaces, read about black rights and wished. But it never happened. For realz. I am still white.

Anyway, this was one of my favourite albums growing up. Listen up. 'cause some of them never rhyme, 'cause they can't rhyme like this.
EDIT:: This is so humiliating, but in my intoxicated state I typoed the lyrics to one of the greatest songs EVA. It should have read: 'some of them try to rhyme but they can't rhyme like this.'


Cindy said...

Dude, we could of so been rokcing it out side by side at an Ice Cube consert, or Arrested Development - Word
Had a Malcolm X badge on my school tie

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Oh my goodness. I am trying to imagine... but I can't!

I wanted to be black for a while too. But I didn't wear the big tops...

Just the baggy jeans.

Kriss Kross you don't stop. ;)

Anna said...

Warm it up Kris

mama bear said...

Could I have been in your posse? I knew all the words to the Snoop Dogg album and Kidd and Play movies.

(Slightly embarrased for admitting this information.)


Jessi said...

ohhh same here! I was talking about this same thing in therapy this week! CLASSIC!

I have always felt like I was a black person in a white body and i LOVED kris kross. I took the album away with me on my honeymoon... Ha!

I can not imagine you dressed as a african tho lady!


"jump... jump"

Monique said...

My best friend and I went to a 21st birthday party dressed as Kris Kross. Don't panic. It was fancy dress....something beginning with K. We went complete with our younger brothers big baggy jeans worn back to front. When the DJ played JUMP JUMP we were da bomb!

Sunny Mummy said...

Oh stop it, seriously I have way too many 'black' skeletons in my closet...I am too embarressed to even 'THINK' them let alone ever write them or say them out loud but lets just say 'I hear ya sista'...peace out ;)