Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Big Jumps!

I love this cute clip. It's full of sunshine.

Thanks for all your kind comments. You know how to make a gal loved. I'm ok. I just need more of the normal. The normal quiet. And a few big jumps too.


Sammy said...

How amazing is Emiliana Torrini...

Love her!

Hope you are feeling better. It must be a crappy week for everyone, I'm having a real downer of a week too :(


Nikki said...

Love this song. I saw her in concert and she's adorable, too.

take care

Shine Little Light* said...

This song is super! Thanks for the introduction!

Shine Little Light* said...

Ohhh and loving the new blog decor! Change is as good as a holiday..? *s*