Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Princess & the Frog

I will be upfront and tell you that I'm not really into Princess movies unless they're set in Jane Austen's era, and they struggle through some hardships, fall in mud, have to eat gruel and aren't kissing frogs.

However, I had heard a great deal about Disney's The Princess & the Frog. And when I was given the chance to view the DVD ahead of launch, I jumped at the chance. It's the first time Disney have cast an African-American princess. It also heralds a return to the old-school style of animation, which I can totally get with. It's also set in 1920s New Orleans. And Oprah is in it (can I stop banging on about the big O?).

I had another motive for wanting to watch it. The Doctor had seen the promotional material when it came out at the cinemas and been loudly sprouting off about the fact that 'Tiny will like it because it's a girl's movie' - not sure where he gets these gender-stereotyping ideas, but they're certainly not from me.

I've watched it with the Doctor. It does have some dark moments. It does paint the lead 'Tiana' in a difficult light (she works hard, she's got smarts, she's not easily moved), and it does paint the blonde as a stereotypical princess - but hooorah! Hooorah! It illustrates that there is good and bad in everyone. There's lightness and darkness. But he was rapt.

I've even watched it with my 33 year old husband. I caught him laughing at times. In particular at two secondary characters - Louis the trumpet playing alligator who wants, wants, wants to be a human and to 'play with the big boys'; and Ray the little firefly.
Overall I think The Princess & the Frog is an enjoyable watch for the whole family. The Doctor liked it, even though there were some scary spirits flying about (even I thought they were a bit creepy) and it will be re-watched again. And again. And again.
Have you seen it?

The Princess & the Frog is out on DVD June 16.

I have not been compensated for this review.


Tali said...

Nice to have you back PMM! Wish there was a movie about a black princess when I was growing up...Must watch this one. Thanks for the unpaid review!

mama bear said...

Looks good! I love these old school films much better than the whizz bang new ones.

danita said...

i like that you call your husband the doctor, sounds misterious and catchy, you a good writer girl