Friday, 11 June 2010

But What Ye Be Doing?

It's a long weekend. Do you know how incredibly exhilirating that is? Probably. Probably not. Matt used all his annual leave up on doing prac teaching so public holidays are gold gold gold! (please read the last three words in a Laurie Lawrence manner).
Here's Tiny dancing with Bob the Builder undies. Super hero status.

What are you up to this long weekend?
Krakatoa, I keep forgetting to post les winners for the Chipmunks. Numbers: 6, 9, 2. Monique! Sammy! Cindy! Send me an email so I can send some chipmunks your way!


Anonymous said...

Superhero styling is too cute. We're not up to much, PMM. Just trying to catch up on life. We're so behind. Being sick sucks the big ones.

Hope you lovelies have an absolutely ripping weekend!

PS Love the floors in your new pad!

Gina said...

Not 100% sure but it's totally going to involve Bob-the-Builder dacks, hells yes!

Christina said...

Tiny is hilarious! Go the undies.

I think relaxing at home and a trip to the farmers market is on the cards this weekend and perhaps a picnic.


teddybearswednesday said...

What a cack! And an adorable one too.
Nothing much, just a quiet weekend. Probably some dancing like Tiny, perhaps not in Bob the Builder undies, but you never know... SHe looks like she has some serious moves there

BuBbles said...

Haha, how gorgeous is Tiny busting a move!!!

Daddy BuBbles had laser eye surgery today so we're taking it easy this weekend and just kicking back and relaxing.

Have a great weekend.


Sammy said...

BOB the builder, can we FIX IT!

Woo, I won the chipmunks!! Yayayay

Enjoying the cold but beautiful weather today in Sydney. My weekend involves house hunting, Seinfeld Marathon on TV1, movies, folding and possible a picnic on Monday.


mama bear said...

Go tiny! You rock little lady.

We're not doing much. Chris is working so I might go and hover around the cafe for a few hours and knit. Exciting times.

Have a good one PMM! x

Mama Mogantosh said...

I love a bit of superhero high-pants style myself. Keith is playing soccer, Teddles is sick again and I'm making SOAP! It's big fun. Hope you're still enjoying the new house. xx