Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Good Things

There are a number of good things to this new house of ours. The Doctor can vouch for them. If my sources (the good Doctor himself) are correct, here are his top three. I'll clarify with him tomorrow, but I'm almost certain I am correcto mondo.
1. The laundry chute: provides hours of fun of throwing the laundry from the small chute in the main bedroom, to the laundry below. We had to tussle over this bedroom.
2. We're on the Mr Whippy flight path. When I heard Greensleeves playing on Sunday I called out to the Doctor, madly ran inside, located my wallet (no mean feat) and we dashed out front for him to enjoy his very first Mr Whippy experience.
3. Today we heard a bell ringing. It continued for a long time. I mean over an hour it kept rattling. I had no idea what it was, so when it got louder, we decided to go out and investigate. The Doctor's eyes lit up when we realised it was the Home Delivery ice cream van man. Seriously, people around here must really love ice cream. I know the Doctor will be in excellent company.
What are three things you love about your place?
image via SMH - I couldn't resist linking to one of my favourite cultural events of the year


ecobabe said...

1. I love the light in our place, bedrooms face north so our mornings are filled with glorious golden sunlight (when it's not raining
2. I love our beautiful neighbours with 2 girls the same age who attend the same school as ours and their super cool parents who cooee for G&T hour at the end of an arduous week.
3. we all love the garden, a bit overgrown and waterlogged but full of the efforts of a keen gardener 30 years ago, monster camelias, magnolias, frangipanis and white fig trees.

Your place sounds like more fun than ours, I'm such a kill joy I would have ignored the Mr Whippy van for fear of future nagging/begging for ice cream

The Essess said...

Well I can see why the Doctor is so excited! Ice Cream everywhere!

What do I love about our abode:
1. 1960s architectural features
2. Wood fire great in winter
3. Big open verandah over looking the river and only 1 minute walk to the main street!

Megan said...

mr whippy on my home stretch would definitely feature right up there if i was this lucky!

i tried to think of 3 for me, not very successful as i haven't loved my place for a very long time, bring on a move at the end of the year i say!

veri maz said...

we moved into a new neighbourhood and were also stumped by the ice-cream bell ringing...

in our new place:
1. i love that i have a real laundry with cupboards, a sink to soak things in and a bench

2. i love watching bruno the dog rolling around in the sun on the lawn, it makes me happy to see him so happy

3. i love sitting on the deck in the morning sun with my coffee watching the magpies

nicole said...

My very top favourite thing is that this house used to be my grandparents house. We moved in after my grandma had died and my granddads alzheimers disease got so bad he had to move into a home. Sad reason to move in, but I love that I now live where I spent a _lot_ of time when I was little.

The second reason kind of ties in with the first, I love that I know all our neighbours and most of them I know since I was little so it's like being surrounded by family.

Third I love that we're in a house that's free standing, any noise we make doesn't make neighbours below, above or beside ours bang on walls, so my kids can be noisy if they want to and I can holler back at them, too ;-)

(I also love that we have a fenced yard the kids can ride their various bikes, bobbycars and scooters in, that we have a sandpit they can dig as deep as they like in, that we have a covered veranda and that our living room faces south so we get lots of light during the summer, I love that I can grow things in pots on the part of the veranda that' not covered and that I'm using pots left over from my grandma and my mum, I love our tiny little pond that's really just a big mortar bucket. I love that we have lots of kids that are the same age as mine right around us... I love lots of things about this house!)

Marilyn said...

I love that my house is all one level (I'm old).

I love the yard. Lots of flowers and some fruit trees (hubby does all the yard work)

I love all the good shopping real close by.
Lots of other things. Happy you and kiddos are loving your new home.

Liesl said...

We also have a très populaire laundry chute!

I love that we have a little ducted vaccummy outlet thing at the side of the kitchen bench that you can sweep the (massive piles of) crumbs up to. Whoosh and away they go. Oooh and once a year there's a huge fireworks display that lights up our backyard.

Georgie Love said...

But, but..Doctor! It's WINTER!

Oh man, the main things we are wishing for in our new house (where ever it may be) is:

1. One Level (current place has THREE)
2. a BATH (Rubes at 19 months still sits in a baby bath, which she adores and prefers over the shower, but we have friends we visit who have a big bath she has enjoyed and when we are there she will bang on the bathroom door and holler/cry/scream for a bath. She is a little obsessed)
3. A backyard not full of wasps, march flies, rats and white tail spiders. Enjoy, new owners!

Leonie Guld said...

You are sounding so much happier!!! Congrats on the move...may the joy juices continue to flow!!! xx

Siobhan Curran said...

You're not in Epping are you? We'd get Mr Whippy and Home Icecream round every weekend.

Our Park Life said...

1. Having the forest and river at the end of my street.

2. Having the beach at the other end of my street, a five minute drive away.

3. Fantastic soil for growing fruit and veggies in our big back yard.

We also get a Mr Whippy, but he only comes out once in a blue moon, or maybe thats a full moon....mmmm choc 99....

Cass said...

1. I love the pool in summer, keeps the kids occupied for hours
2. I love that my mum lives downstairs great for babysitting
3. I love my big kitchen island I said would always stay free of junk - big mistake.
I don't love that we don't get Mr Whippy although we do get the home icecream man

Shine Little Light* said...

1. The proximity to some of the best coffee spots in Sydney.
2. Having a garden. Its tiny but for someting in the city its pretty good.
3. My housemates and husband who share it with me.
ps. a laundry shute would be the funnest!

Anonymous said...

3 things I love?
1. Good coffee on the corner (seriously 1 min walk, but if its Monday and its closed then next good coffee is about 7 mins walk)
2. 4 blocks walk to the harbour
3. summertime 5pm beers out the front with the neighbours while kids and dogs frolic

Emma :)