Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lo-Cal. So-Cal. De-Cal.

I'm all about making nests at the moment. As one of my favourite bloggers Two Tuesdays so aptly put it, I am busy 'feathering my nest'.

It's true.
Despite the ever-looming presence of a few boxes containing crap, of which I have little or less than no urge to unpack, I'm starting to settle into small corners of our new abode.

I am loving this space. As I knelt in our bedroom the other night, tidying away shoes (what else would I rather be doing?) I thought - 'Why didn't we do this sooner?'

Right now, the Doctor's room is looking pretty cute (it's a mess, but it's his mess) - despite the absence of block out curtains which I am beating myself up about - because every morning at the spritely hour of 6am he's up. He's up! And calling out 'Someone come and get my breakfast!' at the top of his lungs. The only other someone's in the house are usually Tiny and myself, so unless Tiny gets some burst of domestic goddess about her, it's me, staggering out of bed. Oh how I wish I was one of those people who bound out of bed all peppy, wide-eyed and excited to launch into the day. Instead it's me, with huge bed hair, telling everyone to be quiet, and hitting the kettle for the third time because I forgot it had already boiled.

Tiny, however, is slower to settle in. She's still keeping us up 'til all hours, but we're getting a little more routine, and heck, she's even been in bed earlier than 9:30pm most nights this week. Small progresses, high fives, and she will be in bed (despite the first in bed call at 7pm) before 9pm this week.

I'm thinking of small ways to make her room, 'her room' without spending a bombfunk MC.

I love these decals. You can add to them as you go along. Aren't they the cutest?

Got any ways to freshen up a little space to make it more appealing?


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

the problem with wall decals is that once you start looking at them you just get so overwelmed by the options you never get any for your childs room... what about framing some of the kids art to cheer up the space?

Mama Mogantosh said...

Hang some Tiny dresses on the wall - even in a rental you can put a few nails in right up high where nobody will inspect... or those pull-off again hooky things? Little girls dresses - so decorative. Cause they never actually wear any of the fancy stuff in real life.

Happy decorating...

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm loving those decals, wouldn't mind some in my room. But so happy you are happy in your space , and of course to be hearing from your wonderful self. For all Tiny's issues, she does seem to have the right idea about mornings. xo

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I HEART your blog. That's it. Done.

Michele said...

a bunny ? Seriously ? After that last post about nibbling holes in your bestest bestest jeans

Bunny aside - I do love this little foresty scene

Some of the decals a little too cheesy for my liking but PLENTY on etsy that I have ogled and coveted

what about a magnet painted or blackboard painted wall? or a great big fuzzy felt wall

sophie said...

I love those de cals, so pretty! We are in a rental too and it's hard to make the space your own. I hope Tiny starts to enjoy sleeping soon...

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