Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Last Straw

The bad news is this peeps. Nibbles de Boing Boing has not yet been returned and is taking up precious room in the laundry.

You may be wondering what's so precious about the room in our laundry, but when you see me doing Twister-esque moves to get in and out whilst carrying a basket of wet washing, then you'd understand.

But the thing Boing Boing doesn't understand is this.

I walked into the laundry to discover that somehow his mysterious boing boing powers allowed him to pull my NEW AND MY FAVOURITE jeans into his hutch and has nibbled big powerful bunny incisor holes into the front and the back of the leg.

I am not Bon Jovi. I do not wear rips in my jeans. The only way to rectify incisor holes in jeans is to:
a) deem them 'boots-only' jeans and wear my boots Puss-in-Boots style
or b) cut them off Daisy Duke style and scare the neighbours.

Back to the Mysterious Boing Boing. He doesn't understand that I am the only one securing his welfare. I feed him twice a day. I top up his water. Top up his hay. Change his hutch. Try and negotiate a pat here and there sans bitey bites.

And that bugger just ate my favourite jeans. How is this going to fare for Nibbles?


Veronica said...

See? This is why rabbits aren't good for anything except eating.

Says the slightly blood thirsty, rabit hating blogger. (I like eating them, I'd hideously allergic to the live versions though)

Michele said...

and he hasn't gone back because ????????

Seems to have NO redeeming features that I can see - perhaps just general rabbity cuteness but I think that is well and truly superseded by his evil behaviour

Mon Alisa Design said...

Whenever I think of Rabbits I think of Monty Pythons "The Holy Grail"....Run away! Runaway!! LOL

You poor thing....Although I must admit that I found this quite funny. I've heard of puppies destroying favourite clothes but never a rabbit! My sympathies for your murdered jeans. xxx

Bianca said...

He sounds like an evil buggs bunny -then again the regular buggs was pretty evil. Put him in a pot. Wabbit stew.

Matt said...

b)Daisy cut offs

mama bear said...

Silly rabbit. I say daisy cut-offs with black opaque tights and little black booties for winter. Hot. x

PS. was that your matt that left the last comment? I hope so!

MonetPaisley said...

What about some groovy patches???? In some fine printed cord or some vintage retro floral, you could cover it with a bandana Punky Brewater style..... Hehehehe. Bout time that look came back..... Hahahaha. Goodluck.