Friday, 30 July 2010

Back In The Habit

I keep seeing things around about forming habits. It's everywhere I go. Every corner I turn. Under every leaf I flip (because I am always flipping leaves). No stone will be left unturned that is not banging on about habits. In fact, I can seriously say the habit forming epidemic is gripping the world. In a tight, overbearing grip.

And it got me to thinking about flossing my teeth.

Big jump there, huh?

But not really.

Earlier in the year I talked about things I would do. Not New Year's Resolutions (because those, damn fool, are made to be broken). Mine was a list of realistic things I wanted to do this year. Such as, er, flossing my teeth.

I was going incredible well until I got sick. I think I had flossed my teeth every single night (bar one) until I got sick, and that was six-ish weeks ago. My gums were sore and I couldn't face the soreness. Please get out the world's smallest violin.

Have a I lost you yet? Here. I'll throw some key words at you. Gingivitis. Heart disease. Bad breath. Not pretty? No. You don't say!

Well friends, it's time I set myself back on my merry path.

But wait! There's more!

Why don't you join me on this merry habit-forming trip? Come skip down the 21-day path with me. Have you got a habit you want to form? Do you? Sing it with me: do you? (Don't you want me?)

- Maybe you want to eat more chocolate
- Maybe you want to blog every day
- Maybe you want to get back into reading
- Maybe you want a nightly canoodle with your lover
- Do you want to go bike riding every day?
- Meal plan so you don't get to 5:30pm and have a meltdown and everyone winds up eating baked beans/eggs/leftovers (oh you don't do that, nope, me neither)

- Catch up with a friend every week?
- Are you wanting to learn to rollerskate?
- Perhaps this is not your speed at all. Maybe you just want to do the crossword each and every night?

Then this is for you! Get in the habit with PottyMouthMama!

Here's what we're going to do. You check in once a week with me for the next 3 weeks (that's so short, it won't hurt a bit, trust me, I'm an expert). It's not so much that it's intimidating, but I WILL hold you accountable and be asking you about your habit forming!

Think about it over the weekend, then we can kick off, and you check back into PMM on Saturday. It's a 21-step support group.

I don't want anyone signing up that wants to form a habit of picking their nose. Thanks but no thanks.

Are you in? Do you want to get BACK IN THE HABIT?

If so, grab the button and be gone on your merry habit forming ways (and add your name/link to the list).

My super fabulous friend Anna has made me two ridiculously awesome buttons (so damn RAD!) to choose from. I am seriously loving my makeover and think I will thwart any efforts made by Sally Field to become the non-flying Nun.

Michelle from Leni & Rose has done an ace to the power of wicked job of coding. You can pop over to her blog for deets on how to upload the button yourself (she has all sorts of tips and tricks up her blogging sleeve).


Nat Kringoudis said...

okay... your on!
I need to drink more water. Coming from a health professional, I know that is just... pathetic on my behalf. But thats the challenge and Im up for it! So you go floss your pegs and I will get myself a glass. Cheers!

teddybearswednesday said...

Im totally in, just not sure what my habit is yet. I'm sure I can think of something. I might go with the flossing of teeth if that's ok, or something else I'm not sure. But i'm gonna think long and hard about what it should be and get back to you.xo

Little Pinwheel said...

I am in. Got to find a habit yet. I think I know what it is. But leave it with me. I don't pick my nose.

ps. anna rocks!

mama bear said...

I want to not eat too much at night. Because I almost always go to bed feeling full after a midnight snack. (feast).

And do my PFE's. I HAVE to do those. Seriously. xx

ps. you make one hot nun!

Kirsty said...

I'm in! I'm going to go with gardening everyday that I'm actually at home (therefore Wednesday's and Thursday's will not be gardening days because I'm at uni from dawn till dark!).


Anna Bartlett said...

flossing was actually a NY resolution for me - and I've NEARLY kept it. But water is what I want to practice (and I hadn't read Nat's comment before i decided!) so 10 glasses a day it is! Thanks for the shove!

Knicky Knacks said...

Righty ho, count me in. I'll need the weekend to think about it. One thing is for sure, I won't be kicking my latte in the morning or my red wine at night, but I'll think of something that annoys the hell out of everyone else here and will set my mind to kicking that bad habit. Hang on...what's that...hubby breezed past with a suggestion...don't press Num Lock off on the god, I must be a saint if that's all he's got!

Lin said...

How to choose? Can we have more than one? I need to drink more water, get my eating back in check (had a bad couple of weeks!) and do some ab exercises every day. Oh, AND floss! Maybe I'll aim to do two out of the four every day :) GREAT idea!

ejorpin said...

Totally in! I have so many habits I want - nay! need! - to form. I'm going to pick two: posting comments on blogs (2 per day) and doing yoga every single day.

Super Sarah said...

Oh wow, I want to do all of the things you mentioned, especially eat more chocolate and nightly cuddles! Although I could skip the learning to rollerskate, I would have to teach my four year old too and thats an accident waiting to happen! I will have a think about what (good) habit I want and will check back in.

Megan.K. said...

I'm in - a cooking tasty food habit - have already started.
Which will have to be followed by an exercise habit methinks... not started.

p/s you look hot as a nun.

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

ooh! love the idea of this. Happily joining getting back in the habit.

i'm going to get back into the habit of serving others,... i know that sounds lame, maybe, but I've been missing it!

Miss E said...

Ooh count me in! The teeth flossing is a really good one, but I'm going to try and come up with something else. I think the issue might be choosing just one habit I want to pick up. The possibilities are endless!

Lis said...

Oh my goodness you as a nun is awesome! Right I'm in but I have so many good habits I've dropped I need to mull it over for a bit to choose just one to resurrect. Be back soon x

Little Pinwheel said...

I am going to write everyday for me. even if it is one word, I will put it to paper.


sophie said...

Such a great idea - there are so many things that need addressing in my life, where to start! I would really like to get a menu plan happening, I am definitely in the class of "holy &*%$ it's 5:30 and I don't know what to make for dinner" Thanks for the kick in the pants!!

the textured leaf said...

I need to drink more water and do the ab exercises and everything that everyone else suggested but as I sit here my dog is waiting for his walk and its late and dark and I havent been yet. Poor thing hasnt been everyday lately either. In fact its been once or twice a week. So what im trying to say is that I want to GET BACK IN THE HABIT of walking my trustingly patient to the max dog Rustico every day. There! I guess that makes me in.

The Strasser Family said...

Is it to late to join? I just came across your blog. I am definitely interested in getting back into better habit's.