Monday, 19 July 2010

Bribery and Biscuit Baths

Today we three (the Doctor, Tiny and I) were heading the way of Rummey Bears. So we were lucky enough to score an impromptu catch-up and audience with the lovely, happiest baby in the world Rosie.

However, what I admitted to Anna quickly was that I had in fact just bribed the Doctor to ditch his pre-school hat (which is a Legionnaire's style - of which I am absolutely not fond of except for its excellent sun-warding-off ways) to wear his favourite beanie. Prior to me bribing him with a shiny dollar, he'd said he was going to wear both the Legionnaire's cap AND the beanie together.

I have previously documented the fact that I don't really dig on overstyled small children (head to toe Ralph Lauren gives me achey teeth). MEH! Can they run, dance, fall down? But seriously, I draw the line at too-short tracksuit pants (the Doctor's all time favourites) and this bodgy hat.

I gave him the shiny dollar and he upgraded to his beloved beanie.

What Anna doesn't know is that I had also pestered him to remove his (faux) ugg(ly) boots before our arrival because:

a) she would smell us at least an hour before we arrived (yes I am going to kill off these boots)
b) it is illegal to wear ugg(ly) boots out of the house (although this law is technically outlawed if it is a particularly spine-chilling Winter day when you are about to head out for pre-school pick-up and the thought of freezing toes and chillblains is not particularly appealing)

I did try and find a Legionnaire's hat to illustrate my story, however it was all a little ugly. Here's a really special shot I'd like to share with you. Without putting it on my blog.
As for Biscuit Baths? Well tonight Tiny was so tired we fast-forwarded to her bath at 4:15pm. She was splashing around having a grande old time. And then dunked a very buttery biscuit that I had made in the bath. When I pulled her out, she had a very nice coating of oily film. Pretty special. And to illustrate Tiny's tiredness - she was eating dinner and fell asleep with her head on the table. The Doctor rushed into me and said, "Quick, quick we need to get Tiny into bed, it's an emergency, she's almost fallen asleep." By then she was asleep, so snuggled her under her blankets. And then she woke up and commenced the second wind.
The woeful second wind.


Cindy said...

Oh no - not the 2nd wind - and you are never going to catch her now she is coated conveniently in a thin slather of butter

Lis said...

Funny, this was almost a simultaneous posting! I just got notification of yours on mine as I type. Spooky huh.
I so should've gone the bribery route this arvo. Worst school pick up. ever. Meltdown city. So this bad mother had her kids in bed. asleep!. at 5.30. (Fed obviously). But on my plus side I did not yell. (And was severely provoked). Go me!
I love that the legionnaire cap is not fit to grace your blog. But I did check out the link so concede a safe choice ;)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I am hearing you with the "positive reinforcement" re clothes. Yes, I don't want over styled but a particularly hideous skirt has gone 'missing' until it is forgotten about. ( I don't actually make those inverted commas actions when i speak just so you know...ahem.)

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Lexi!
I guess it puts a new meaning in body butter. xo

mama bear said...

Duuuuuude! I can't believe you also made him change his pammy boots! Did you have to pay for that too?

I thought the red beanie was rockin' Even if it was his most baddest day, ever.

And did you see Rosie smiling up at a boy 5 years her senior. She totally dug him. Little minx.


sophie said...

Yikes!! That Tiny, she keeps you busy and us all laughing (with you Lexi, with you!!) As for Uggs out of the house, I have done it, once, to pre school! I felt ashamed but damn my feet were toasty!

Duyvken said...

Zip off drape? Dear lord, smother me now. C's pre-school has gone the bucket hat route and I am one happy mama!