Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Small Boy. Big Haircut.

The Doctor got a really big hair cut today. Really big. Like now he looks like he's 15 - and sometimes he behaves that way too.

About five weeks ago I took him to a local hairdresser that had been recommended to me by the cousin of the owner (sounds ominous already, uh huh). I pulled up at this local hairdresser, and really, I should have considered my gut feeling at the time. Because I wanted to drive right on out of there, hit the road and never turn back.

But we had an appointment, and I like to keep appointments and I like to keep my word. So we three stumbled in to what I can only describe as an Emo style welcome.

The smalls both sat up on their chairs and I could see the Doctor was feeling really uncomfortable. He shot me daggers and I tried to be upbeat. Nonchalant. Oh yes, you're having fun aren't you up in that big chair?
Apparently both hairdressers, by pure coincidence, had left their personalities at home - on the same day. Amazing. So I continued to sit there awkwardly while Tiny's pleased as punch to be having her hair cut, the Doctor is still filthy at me, and I'm pretending to be really engrossed in the range of hair products stacked on their shelves.
Both hair cuts lasted no longer than 15 minutes and we were out. When we got home Matt didn't even realise that the Doctor had had a hair cut, and Tiny had been transformed from a wee little mermaid with shoulder length hair wavy crazy hair into a Stepford Wife with a severe bob.
The moral to this story is: don't visit cranky hairdressers. And trust your gut feeling. Particularly when dealing with scissor-wielding personality-less Emos.
I took the Doctor back to our normal hairdresser today and briefed lovely, friendly Kelly - and she - et voila - did exactly as I asked. Short. Cute. Like a pineapple (yes, that was my description of the haircut I wanted).

However Tiny was totally disgruntled that there was no haircut on the cards for her. So I had to placate her with a spray from the water bottle, a blitz from the hairdryer and a tickle with the fluffy hair brush.
But this, my friends, is not the only of our hair woes. Just the other night Tiny got a bath toy stuck in her hair. Stuck. I walk in to see her sitting with Elmo in a submarine tightly wound around her hair, and the Doctor giggling. Seriously, this toy is kind of large and was just dangling from her head. And I had to cut the darn thing out.


Monique said...

My lordy! That's a haircut. He looks like such a big boy now. We have had endless troubles with hairdressers and way too many exits with "lego-man" haircuts.

jodesmac said...

ha ha I had to cut one of those zu zu guinea pigs out of miss 3's hair in the holidays. The darn things even have a sticker that warns to keep away from hair- damn it!

mama bear said...

Aw man – he looks awesome. Very, very schmiko.

And I just have no comment about the Elmo thing. Except that it makes me think of Eddie Murphy's Delirious. Wasn't is his GI Joe that got stuck? Not in his hair either. xx

Tania said...

Am scarred by a similar stuck-in-hair-at-young-age-thanks-to-brother experience. Except it was chewing gum. Also scarred by any sort of hairdresser. Also suspicious of personality-filled, friendly ones. Need. Therapy.

Nic@OurParkLife said...

Isn't it amazing how haircuts age kids!

We like to go to the Six Chairs Barber shop in Freo for our lads hair cuts.

Junior Hoges likes to sit in the big orange chair next to Hoges and get the treatment from the ladies, even a fake shave! Mini Hoges is still a bit resistant to the whole hair cutting thing, but if you give him the lollipop to have during instead of after the cut, things go more smoothly!

I just love the retro feel and history of the Barber shop.

Amanda said...

very cute, love their outfits. my little sister still gets called pineapple because of her baby hair! (she didn't need a hairdresser for that one)

Amy Paul said...

totally been there - but for some reason that day I had the guts to tell the daft hairdresser to forget about it.

She had no personality and looked at my children like they were aliens.

I like to think that one day she'll have a large vomit in her perfectly polished hair from her very own baby and might become a human again.

Big boy haircuts make them look like such little men.

xx Amy