Thursday, 1 July 2010

I'm Coming Up Empty Handed

Due to the lockdown that is life at the moment, we're stuck at home with the Doctor and his croup, Tiny and her snotties, me and my sinuses, I am in fear I have nothing, NOTHING to share. It's a bad old day when you have nothing of value to share, isn't it sausages? Oh yes!

So what to report... I'm twiddling my thumbs folks.

* I love the new Sia album (not to be confused with the Safety Institute of Australia - although I'm sure they're quite good too)
* I love the new Angus & Julia Stone album
* I have drunk three cups of tea today, with another on the way
* I have picked up countless crumpled tissues today (gee thanks kids)
* I have refereed countless wrestling matches between the smalls today
* I am going to watch the Young Victoria today. Or maybe Mad Men. But something. Because Glee isn't on
* I haven't organised dinner yet due to confinement
* I have mopped the floors
* I am up to date in the laundry
* The kids are in the bath at 4:00pm. The Doctor is crying because a) it has bubbles (which I thought he'd like tonight and b) Tiny kicked him. AGAIN.
* We have a very large old wardrobe currently eating all the room in our living room because we have nowhere else to put it. What to do with it folks?

On a more exciting front..

Check out Meet Me At Mikes for the Medina MumSpace giveaway. You must be in it to win it. (And for more chances to win a night at the Medina of your choice, head over to MumSpace - fo' realz).

And if you're looking for something absolutely, infinitely more interesting than this post, I might suggest this to you.
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Sally said...

Oh yuck - to be so sick and housebound. Bloody awful!
Watch Mad Men - brilliant I tell you - brilliant!!!

Sam said...

Love both the SIA and Angus & Julia Stone albums.

Yellow Brick Road is my fav on the latter, it's amazing!!

I recommen Mad Men, Dexter, United States of Tara, or the latest season of America's Next Top Model which I just watched. It was hilarious! Tyra is a nutter!


Shine Little Light* said...

re. Wardrobe: outside under cover to store coats, boats and gardening stuff? Hit the echinacia tablets!! Sending healthy vibes in your general direction! *s*

Danimezza said...

Sia and A&J are my faves. We really should have coffee, you know, when were both done dying from the plague.

Georgie Love said...

Oh I hear you - we still have coughs and sinus liek 6 WEEKS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) after being sick-sick. During these times, it's whatever makes you happy - toast for dinner, pikelets and nutella for lunch, a million hours watching crappy tv (yes, for the kids) and lots of soul-care. Which yes, may be cups of tea, girly movies and trashy magazines. Do what you got to do to survive!


Toni Brockliss said...

I am so sorry you are feeling poorly and your smalls are poorly too. I have had a cough I can't shake for weeks now. It's like an old people's home in here every morning. Lots of coughing and shuffling and saying "how about this weather?"
I suggest a hot toddy, under a blanket, with a movie on.

Belinda said...

You poor thing. We have been plagued with sickness for over six weeks. Perhaps we can put all the kids in my kindy on the weekend for kid fun and you and I can drink nice tea on the lounge ??

Being sick and have sick little ones is not fun! X

kris said...

That's terrible news that you guys are all sick. Hope you all feel better soon.

I thought you might like this story... I moved into a new house last week and we also had a large old wardrobe we didn't quite know what to do with so it is now in the kitchen. Which only had one line of cupboards and a tiny pantry... so now the huge 3 door wardrobe has a light metal bookshelf inside and all of our food!

I'd also suggest some horseradish and garlic pills for the sinus - or a big wiff of raw horseradish in a jar... it will clear you out for days!

The Essess said...

Hope you all ahve a quick recovery!
Good choice for Julia an dAngus Stone, they were the opening for Kasey Chambers a few years ago and were really good!
ANd I must say we were dumbfounded as what to do Thursday night without Glee! How dare they replace it with Footy...:(

Gill@OurParklife said...

this sound like our house - yucky colds, not much sleeping, 2 year old much fun...

When I am sick I make a really strong ginger and lemon tea with a pinch of cayenne pepper - it words for me!

oh, i miss Glee

katiecrackernuts said...

Hope you're feeling better now. I haven't heard the new Sia album, but her last one is one of my favs.
Young Victoria, had promise but seemed to go nowhere - for me at least. Mad Men. Mine's still in the packet, unopened.