Sunday, 25 July 2010

We Are Family

Lately I've been struggling with parenting. Babies. Toddlers. Preschoolers. Preschoolers masquerading as teenagers.

Yesterday I went a little crazy and said to Matt, "Today I can not parent."

I realise it's not an option not to parent. You're either on or you're on. You can't opt in for a few days/weeks and then schedule yourself away. Take the batteries out of the kids. Pop the kids back into the cupboard. Take a break. Then take the kids back out and put batteries back in. Resume normal life.

And nor would you want to. But sometimes, things get difficult.

The Doctor has declared he's been having his 'worst day ever' for a number of days. He's throwing 'tude and man, sometimes it really hurts. He doesn't want to go to pre-school. Doesn't want to tidy up. He just wants to Lego the afternoon/night away. And then he realises he's way too tired, he crumbles and my (big) baby boy cries in my arms. This is not the stuff of pretty pictures and child-rearing tomes.

We're dedicating time with the Doctor. One on one time that each of us adore. This afternoon Matt and the Doctor have gone to check out the skatepark and get a bit rad.

I need to get back into my parenting books for all those great tips and tricks which are difficult to see when you're in the thick of it. I need a periscope to look through, see where we're headed.

Anyway, keeping things light is Tiny. Who out of the blue declares: "You're poo Mum." And then laughs. Excellent to keep the ego in check.

On another side of things... Does anyone have any ace places that Matt and I should head to to celebrate our wedding anniversary in a few months? Anything that's not going to cost a bomb will be thoughtfully considered!
PS - image is of the Doctor. He's in the midst of a rumbling. Laughing. Not crying. Phew.


Christina said...

I only have one and I hear you loud and clear. Hope this phase passes quickly for you guys.

I don't know about where you are, but in Brisbane a romantic night out could include a trip on the river at night, via Citycat, a stop at Mt Cootha to look out at the many lights of the City, a drink at a club with a free band playing then a coffee on the curb and some people watching in the Valley. Always something to see in the Valley.

Damn it, now I want a night out too.

Christina said...

On the curb sounds weird. I mean outside at a cafe, not sitting in a gutter, ok?

Leonie said...

Not sure if I've mentioned this one to you before but "Politically Incorrect Parenting" by Nigel Latta has helped me solidify a few strategies for dealing with my three boys (and their dad!). It acknowledges bad days and days where you think you might and then do scream and says it's ok. We all have bad days and sometimes the piranha's just give us a hard time :-) Thinking of you.

Little Pinwheel said...

I know that towel all too well. That one that gets so sweaty it is time to throw it in the wash and clean it all out. But there is no throwing it in. No matter how sweaty it gets. I think we are the ones with batteries. I am sure I have days with the good old Energizers, nothing can stand in my way. Bring on the tantrums as mum is completely in control on these days. Put in the Eveready and i am in trouble. This is the day I am your everyday doormat.

love the ego boost.... nothing like being called a poo. Wait until they slip in the wee too. "pooweeeeee!"

sophie said...

Ack, sorry about the parenting issues! I just found this from a blog (can't remember which one) and I have printed it out and stuck on the fridge.

Sometimes you need some new ideas this might help.

As for a romantic dinner, have you been to Pilu at Freshwater?

mama bear said...

Ah Lexi, that is tough. I thought he was just having the worst day ever because he met me, didn't really all of his days are the worst ever.

I hope this phase is a swift one.

Night out? Maybe Longrain? Not too expensive and super yum.


Cindy said...

I have been thinking about this one - maybe the move has unsetttles him. I know it can seem llike a big deal to a little one, with the lead up and then move? I am sure that lots of love from Mama Poo will get you through in the end, even if in the middle of it, it doesn't feel like it. We have found a reward chart really helpful.
As for night out, why not go out in the arvo for a picnic at the beach, museum and park or the zoo instrad of a night outing

Black Eyed Susie said...

I haven't any advice but I do know that feeling. I have recently been feeling like moving out for a while or at least downstairs to my craft dungeon! Unfortunately I'd still be able to hear everything if I moved down there.

Black Eyed Susie said...

Oh, and it's great that you're so honest on your blog. It always helps me to know it's not just us.

Liesl said...

I hear you. Mr HB is away for three weeks and I have been desparately trying to work out how to take the batteries out of my two. We're on the Crazy Town Express here (next stop "Mum goes beserk")