Sunday, 25 July 2010

When Period Pain Is Not

Yesterday I spent the day feeling pretty darn miserable and convinced I had period pain. I took two Naprogesic and thought - in half an hour, all will be gone and I can continue.

Only it didn't and all day I rode a painful wave where I was convinced someone had a voodoo of me and they were squeezing my stomach intermittently. I mean this damn person wouldn't let up. They kept going and going.

But it's not period pain. It's freaking gastro. GASTRO!

If they can put man on the moon, why can't they outlaw gastro. MEH! For more gastro loving head over to Mogantosh. They really know how to party too. And Mama Mogantosh REALLY knows how to party because her glasses fell into the toilet. Yowsers.

In light of this, here's a funny ad about Mother Nature.


Anonymous said...

Oh PMM! I feel for you. Period pain gastro from hell is what started our soon to be purged from memory winter. I hope you are feeling a wee tad better today.

Little Pinwheel said...

oh my that flick just gave me the giggles..... oh she comes to me and drops that bloody box off every 23 days. COME ON... now seriously she could go see other women.

I hope your tummy feels better x

joandmurray said...

I think I got me a dose of the gastro at the Target Toy sale too...its ugly here :(

Michele said...

too funny - not your pain/gastro but that video

Love the pregnant woman - best thing about pregnancy (well apart from the baby at the end and umm those raging hormones in 2nd trimester Yowsa!!) was no period for 40 weeks

Was laughing at your naprogesic self diagnosis thinking I can top that - In a sleepwalking haze in the dark cold wee hours of this morning I dosed my poor 5 yo with ALMOND OIL instead of Panadol.

Aaaarggh - madly googling poisons info and apparently she will have shiny shiny hair, low cholesterol and be VERY regular (good for constipation apparently).

Poor kid though - 10 ml of it on an empty stomach when already not feeling to crash hot. Vomited it up an hour later and then off her food all day. Bad bad mummy !!!

oh the guilt

GET WELL PMM - hope Gastro and Period all over red rover v v soon

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh NO!! Hope it goes away soon, xo

ange_moore said...

Sorry to hear about the gastro - perhaps Tiny wasn't so wrong when she said that you were poo!!

Hope you're feeling better soon and that you manage to keep your germs to yourself rather than spreading them to the family (which involves a lot of washing which nobody wants).

Mange said...

both suck! try tiger balm for both - rub on the tummy - sore area and it really helps!

Sarah said...

OH that video is brillinat!!!!!



Sarah said...

oh and terrible me - I assume you are on the mend from the gastro.....

Shine Little Light* said...

Hiiiilarious! The ad.. not your gastro. Gastro sucks MANY times over.