Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Kiddie Craft:: We Painted. And Then We Painted.

Today we sat outside and enjoyed a brief moment of sunshine.
We had my four year old niece over for a play which was fab for the Doctor to have someone to cavort around the place with.
I made some pint-sized potato stamps and the smalls had a great time stamping away with them. We were well into our expression session. Stamping the funny little carvings onto the paper (for the record I had a kooky looking bird, a wonky heart, a spindly little star and a circle).
Until things went a little awry and I quickly scuttled them on to the next activity.
Watercolours. I love watercolours for the fluidity of the medium. And I love watching the smalls work it too. The older children use single colours well, whereas Tiny likes to dip her brush in every single colour before taking to the paint - resulting in a murky palette. Oh well! I'm not one to interfere too much in making, I like to see what the smalls make by themselves.
Above is the Doctor's whale. I think he's pretty darn ace.
After watercolours, we continued on with collage. That was fun, despite Tiny just wiping glue all over her page and declaring that she was finished (with nothing stuck to the glue). She's a little bit Jeff Koons, a little Basquiat, a little cuckoo.


teddybearswednesday said...

Sounds like the most fun and wonderful day xo

ejorpin said...

If I'm not mistaken the whale is wearing some sort of sailors hat? Love it

Little Pinwheel said...

craft = AWESOME! love it.... love the whale, RAD!