Wednesday, 28 July 2010

PottyLittlePinwheel of Fortune

Like I said the other day I've been eating Cherry Ripes.
A lot of Cherry Ripes.

However, it's not just this. When I wrote the other day about Cherry Ripes, it in turn inspired Little Pinwheel to eat Cherry Ripes and try her luck too.

And basically now what we have here is a downward spiral. We're both eating Cherry Ripes. And we're winning! Thank you Cadbury!
Just tonight I tottered up to the supermarket with my two Cherry Ripe and one lone Crunchie wrappers to swap them for new bars. NEW BARS! The woman who swapped them was a humourless wench, but that aside, I gotta golden ticket peeps!
This is where it gets REALLY interesting. The bars say 1 in 5 wins, well in my experience, I've not bought 5 bars - and by the sounds of things, Little Pinwheel is winning more than she's losing too (however we are gaining - both weight and FREE CHOCOLATE BARS!).

And now this is where we go really Willy Wonka on you.

Together we've renamed them Cheery Ripes. Because you really can't be sad when:
a) you're eating a Cheery Ripe
b) you win another after unravelling said chocolate bar
We've decided to start the PottyLittlePinwheel of Fortune. You take a spin on the PottyLittlePinwheel by buying a chocolate bar. If you win, you continue playing. It's that simple.
It's like Cheery Ripe Roulette. It's win-win. Soon we will open our very own casino that's run purely on chocolate. We'll have chocolate fountains, and meter-maids dressed in Cheery Ripe wrapper bikinis to top up your chocolate meters.
You like the sound of this, don't you? I know you do. You want in on our chocolate casino caper, right? RIGHT??
Won't you play along too? Spin the wheel? Report back? Share your luck. Little Pinwheel and I want to know what WINNAHS we've sporned.
ridiculously awesome image by Little Pinwheel


Little Pinwheel said...

classic... how could you not want to help build a casino empire. I have a winning ticket sitting here for a cheery ripe. I am ready for another spin. The girth will be HUGE, but the chocolate fountains are more important right now.

Anonymous said...

orright... I'm in, but will have to wait till tomorrow to buy said cheery ripe.
will report back... :)

Cherie said...

Haaa I want in ... immediately! Well after I check if Dark Choc Cheery Ripes are in on this 'rort' ... I'll get back to you shortly!
LOVE this ... my girth does too ;-)

Belinda said...

I am a WINNER! Didn't see this post until after I won, but I am still happy. I have never won a free chocolate bar before, but this time, first go, I won a free TWIRL.

Khali said...

I'm off to buy a Cherry Ripe now!

Damaris said...

could you send a girl a cherry ripe? I live in California and I would love to try one. In return I'll send you some American candy bar, probably not as good as a cherry ripe but ya' know.

Mon Alisa Design said...

Love it! Shall we start calling you Charlie?

Anonymous said...

i won 2!

Sam said...

I have a crappy 7-11 convenience store downstairs in the apartment block and they only have NORMAL Cherry Ripes not the 'winning' kind.

I am quite shattered :(

I still bought one though, and it was amazing.

Good luck!


Cherie said...

Located a CheeryRipe Haul - Dark ones aren't in the game!
First haul = JACKPOT at round 1 ...
proof posted!
Haaaa loving this, as is my ample girth, let the games begin!

m.e (Cathie) said...

i don't eat chocholate but I love your style Mrs P!

ShoppeGirls said...

I would like to be in too. Will see how we go this afternoon