Saturday, 17 July 2010

Stuff I Like

I was going through my bathroom cabinet tonight, tossing old stuff, tossing stuff I don't use, and getting amidst the thick of it. And also wondering why I have not one, but three almost full tubes of fake tan (my favourite one is Ella Bache) - since I gave up fake-tanning when I fell pregnant the very first time (application just took too long, and it's when I first started taking notice of what is in the products I use - oh and who wants to fake tan when they're breastfeed? It's just too much hard work not getting a half-Tandoori'd baby).

I love beauty products. LOVE them. I've enjoyed a number of jobs where one of the perks was free cosmetics. It was always fun to try the new colours, new trends, oh man, I loved it!

I love to dabble. I love to learn new tricks. In short, I love make-up and all that it can do and say about a person.

But one of my favourite un-make-up things is Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate. I much prefer it over the original which is a bit too minty for my liking. But this one? It is lush and a joy to apply (it also happens to be one of the things my bowerbird loves to steal).
If you've read PMM for a while, you know I am a dedicated Lansinoh fan - it might be a nipple cream but it is positively dreamy on dry and chapped lips (and if you put it on before you go to bed - et voila - soft and supple lips by the morning). But the Burt's Bees is a little better when out and about in public - easy to apply, a very subtle pink-ish tone, and smells terrific.
I don't even remember where I bought mine (maybe a health food shop?) but I know it's available online too for around $6.95.
Anyway, this brings me to a real beauty blog - bellaMUMMA. Like beauty tips and tricks? Check it out!


veri maz said...

i also had a job where i used to get samples of all sorts of potions and lotions so my mission this year is to use up as many of these little tubes/sachets etc and to not buy anything new until i've used up all other possible options.

Cass said...

I just finished reading the book Living Oprah and one of the recommendations she followed was using Burt's Bees. If you haven't read it I can lend it to you

my poppet said...

im more of a pawpaw ointment kinda gal. Have red tubes of it lying about allover the place

Lillabilly said...

I keep a tube of that very stuff in my car cause I got so sick of being in the middle of driving somewhere and thinking, "My lips are really dry!!" It would happen ALL the time! And you are right - it smells divine!